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Error: Insufficient space to uninstall.


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I was just trying to uninstall something to clear up space on my crowded program drive when I got an error message about how the uninstall requires -4.26 gigs but there's only 512 KB free.


Fuckin PCs :)


You'll need to clear out a tiny bit more space. Try deleting your temporary internet files to clear up enough space to uninstall stuff. Delete some installation files, etc. You probably just need enough space to let the whole recycle-bin process work.


And get a bigger program drive :D I've got 150gb out of 500GB earmarked for my Vista program drive.

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Right obviously the shortterm solution is to manually delete stuff. Another is to repartition your drive to allocate more space for the G drive (Assuming you have other partitions on that physical drive). I'd just do a search for the largest files on the disc, and delete some PDF documentation, sample images or music, or whatever looks expendable.


I'm just shocked that Windows didn't tell you that it was running out of space before it hit zero.

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