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Best "bang for the buck" Time to Visit Europe


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The wife and I are talking about visiting Europe on the next trip we take. Places we discussed included England, France, Portugal, Spain and Italy mainly because we can take a cruise and hit all of these places for 1 low price which means great bang for the bucks. While we only scratch the surface of these destinations, it helps us refine our next trip and rule out places that just didn't work for us. Example: On our cruises thru the carribean, we have leanred which islands we like and which ones we don't feel the need to revisit again.


I'm researching land packages as well to see how competitive I can get with the cruise.


So not knowing anything about European weather, when are the better months (bang for the buck wise) of the year to go given these destinations? I know we visited Alaska at the end of the season and got a whale of a deal (pun intended).

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Take a look at http://www.gotoday.com


Got some amazing deals combining flights and hotels. Lowest prices will be on the less popular dates (which you are probably looking for). We actually might take them up on their car-flight deal to Ireland sometime in the future.


Other than that, let me know how Spain is. They've got some amazing food there.

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I'll second Josh's recommendation on when to travel.... April through to June is usually good for Italy, France and so on. In theory that should be true of the weather here in England too (hitting a high point around July) but it's always unpredictable here. We've had a spate of good weather off and on rather recently though so I think we'll be due a nice summer.

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Amsterdam is actually changing their image quite a bit. The pot culture and red light district is moving to Prague as Amsterdam wants to badly change it's image. Being a beer guy, I would love to visit Belgium though :)


More than likely we'll be going towards Sept/Oct. How's the weather generally in that time frame?

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