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I finally got around to taking some shots of our media room. The equipment isn't all that sexy but it does the job. It's a room that is begging for a projector but I'm actually quite happy with the current LCD. Maybe down the road a projector will find its way in the mix.


  • The front speakers are NHT Classic 3 series
  • The surround speakers are in the ceiling and I don't know what brand they are. They sound surprisingly good though.
  • The Subwoofer is a joke and will be replaced by a SVS PB12-NSD in the very near future.
  • The receiver is a Yamaha RX-V1900
  • The TV is a 52" Samsung LN52A650
  • Sources are: DirecTV, AppleTV, PS3, & Xbox 360


The room is built above our garage so sound leaking into the rest of the house is minimized (though you can still hear it). Here's a shot of the entry to the room:



It's a slightly "sunken" room as there are 2 steps down as you enter. Here is the view after entering (featuring a cat):



You may notice the stars on the wall. We don't like them and have taken a couple down. The rest will come down when we have new art to hang in their place.


View from the right side of the room:



View from the left side of the room:



View from the sweet spot:



Left side shot of the equipment rack:



Right side shot of the equipment rack:



The equipment rack is from Ikea. My consoles and Monster HT power conditioner fill the 3 bays in the center. Large drawers flank the center bays. These drawers slide out and are outstanding for storing game discs, controllers, cables, etc. It's much more robust than most Ikea pieces I have owned.

It's also nice that the gloss black finish matches the speakers & TV. I should have gone for a Pioneer Elite receiver though!! :)


Here is a shot with the console doors open:


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Must be a big room... that 52" TV looks tiny.


Are the curvatures where the TV built into the wall? Looks like a tough cookie if you ever want to set up for Front Projection.


In my opinion you may want to move the seating area up a bit towards the screen... from the pictures it looks like you're about 5 screen widths away from the screen. I know I'd be squinting :)

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So the movie theater "look" (the stars, the lighting & dome thing) was put in by the previous owner? What's your thoughts on it? What'd your realtor think of it?


Yea, the basic design is from the original builder. The LED lights are silly as is the custom drywall. I am not a fan of the color scheme and I hate the star decals. Luckily, the windows are blacked out so 90% of my time in this room is in almost total darkness so I can only see the TV. Its obvious they chose the "orion girl green" ;) because its a flat color that allows the room to get really, really dark.


Must be a big room... that 52" TV looks tiny.


Are the curvatures where the TV built into the wall? Looks like a tough cookie if you ever want to set up for Front Projection.


It's a good size room (20'x19') but I took many of the pics with a very wide angle lens.


As I mentioned above, I'm not a fan of that custom junk at the front of the room. My thinking for a projector screen would be for it to drop down in front of those curved things and actually cover them. Kill 2 birds with 1 screen.

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