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Little King's Story - A Wii Game Worth Looking Out For?


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"Little King's Story" doesn't give a good first impression from screenshots; it looks blandly Japanese with lots of cutesy characters, cutesy castles & green landscapes. However, its development pedigree is strong & it's been getting rave reviews in Europe, with reviewers comparing it to Harvest Moon & Pikmin & Animal Crossing all mashed up together. I'd been paying it no attention whatsoever, but the more I read, the more interested I am.



From Eurogamer's glowing 8/10 review:


However, like all the best titles of its kind, LKS is quietly addictive. Just when you reach a point of frustration and think you've had enough, a new job type will become available or a new area will open up, and it's impossible to resist playing on.


From the Telegraph:


Little King?s Story is an intelligent, charming and utterly addictive video game. But its crowning achievement is its unerring dedication to its own imagination. CiNG throw ideas at it from every angle and nearly every single one sticks. The result is a delightfully crafted adventure, that will pull you into its magnificent fantasy world and refuse to let go. In an industry sometimes too reliant on following the leader, it?s a game that treads its own path with complete confidence in itself. And that is truly regal.


In many ways, it?s difficult to pin down what exactly makes Little King?s Story so intoxicating. At its heart, it?s a barmy genre mash-up of role-playing, Pikmin-style strategy and Animal Crossing-esque town management. Somehow, it all segues together beautifully and the fripperies and dressing, such as the crazy letters from your sometimes-not-so-adoring public, or the princesses you ?win? after every Kingdom conquered, further pull you into its dreamlike, sometimes whimsical charms.


From Edge's glowing 9/10 review:


Perhaps the game?s greatest achievement, however, is a constant focus on you, the player, delicately changing the world as your kingdom expands. Every moment feels like it?s been lavished with attention; Little King?s Story is as rich as it is long, and it?s a very lengthy game indeed. Its central mechanic is unique, its world unlike any other, and its completion a Herculean task. It?s a game of rare quality, and exactly what the Wii deserves. It?s a true original.
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Wow, just four posts here? I would've sworn I put my two cents in. Finally put about forty minutes into this tonight, a lot of fun, I can see why people like it. The main part of the game is like Pikmin, sending your minions off to destroy, attack, and consume all you survey, but then mix it in with fun little sim elements such as building up the town and castle (I developed a hot springs, I'm the BEST KING EVER) and you have a very satisfying experience.


Definitely more of what the Wii needed.

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Yeah, that'd be nice, Brian, but I won't hold my breath. Still, I have my copy, so I'm happy. I will know the joy of literally throwing a pile of adults into a re-education center to switch them from shiftless louts into a brutal workforce of doom.


Mind, losing that one girl to the killer turnip was rather unfortunate, but still, we must soldier on...

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I finally got around to unwrapping the copy that was my birthday present, complete with the squishy doll shown above :) What an utterly charming little game! I can see why you've been enjoying it, Mark. Charming presentation & style to it; love the use of music, it could be straight out of the Proms with all the pomp it has.


And the game plays well too, which is always a plus ;)

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*ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Dust off a seven year old thread from the dark ages when Brian played Nintendo consoles*
Little King's Story lands on PC next week!



This PC release features updated visuals, and Steam-specific features like Achievements and Steam Trading Cards that can reward players with badges, background images and emoticons.


Little King's Story's PC version will typically cost £18.99 / €22.99 / $24.99, but there will be a 10 per cent discount at launch. It will be available on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.


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Some good news on the PC front. The game is quietly being re-launched on the PC after extensive work undertaken by Peter "Durante" Thoman, who has been responsible for fixing up the PC version of Dark Souls amongst other games and has written some good PC Gamer articles. Developer Xseed reached out to him specifically.

The new version of Little King’s Story should perform significantly better on all systems, most sources of significant stutter should be eliminated, and the 60 FPS mode now provides an accurate (and smoother compared to 30 FPS) experience except in some scripting-related cases. Furthermore, the game now features additional graphics options to make better use of high-performance GPUs, and can be more precisely controlled with analog gamepads.

While I couldn’t achieve everything I initially wanted to - arbitrary FPS and even a completely perfect 60 FPS mode prove intractable for this game - I’m happy that XSEED gave me the chance to contribute a lot more directly and meaningfully to the quality of this PC port.

The full extensive write-up, by Thoman, detailing precisely what he has done and how he did it can be found on the xseed blog:


As part of the re-launch, the game is 40% off this week on Steam and Humble Store. 

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