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NHL 08-09 playoffs

Jeff W

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I've been glued to the playoffs so far. Even went to game 1 of the Nucks and St Louis which was great. Haven't been to a game in years! A great start for the Canucks. Their first ever sweep, playing well, Luongo is making the saves he has too but not having to steal games, and the guys are just finding ways to win the games, even if it's not a blowout.


This city is already in playoff frenzy. The Canucks are on the front page of just about every paper every day, even though they aren't playing. I didn't live here during the last run in 94, so it would be awesome if they went far this year.


The other series have also been pretty interesting. No big surprises with Detroit and Boston sweeping their respective series (although that last game was a heart breaker for Columbus).


The Calgary and Chicago series has turned into a good one. I'm not sure who I'm really cheering for in that one. If Anaheim can pull off the upset, then Vancouver would play the winner of this series. On one hand, Vancouver/Calgary is a pretty big rivalry... especially in the playoffs. On the other hand I think a Chicago series would be really good too, and we've had the upper hand over them in the regular season I believe.


I don't know how to feel about the Anaheim/San Jose series either. I feel really bad for San Jose right now since they were the best team in the league this year and have been bitten in the playoffs far too many times. But the way they're playing right now, they don't deserve to win. Their leaders are not leading, and the lackluster playoff performance of Thornton and Marleau is a re-occurring theme every year. Last night he was standing around and then had a terrible terrible giveaway that led directly to a Ducks goal. I don't know what his contract situation is, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the Sharks try and deal him in the off season if he doesn't wake up (which he won't).


I don't get the Caps and Rangers series. Why can the Caps score no goals one game and then 4 the next? And then you've got the Sean Avery circus to look out for... at least it's interesting. I hope it goes 7.


When was the last time the President's Trophy winner got beat by the 8th seed?


2006. Detroit lost to Edmonton on their way to the Finals.

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:lol No kidding!


BTW, I'm sad the Bruins got bumped last week!


I think there must have been some sort of shortout in the flux capacitor,...


I thought it might be the return to the 1970's glory days, but somehow we got dropped into another of the 1990's fruitless efforts! :banghead

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Smack talk aside, I just hope the Wings/Hawks series ends quickly and the Pens/Canes goes 6 or 7, that Ducks series was a bitch and the Wings could use the rest.


Are most Pens fans really all that upset with Hossa? He was a playoff rental with no real guarantee of returning, I really don't expect him back with the Wings despite what he and his agent say and too be honest don't want him, we need to get our depth guys signed first and maybe take a run at Bouwmeester.

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Honestly, no, but I thought the way he basically "snuck" out of town was pretty weaselly.


Amusingly enough, I'm hoping for the exact opposite regarding the conference finals. :D I'd like the Blackhawks to wake up and make it a series, and wear those old men out. ;)

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Well, with only 2 days rest and back to back games to start the finals I sure felt the fix was in, nice to see the Wings give little Gary the finger and win both games anyhow. Now we just need to win at least one in Pitt and all will be good.


Also Malkin gets the instigator penalty in the last minute of the game which is supposed to be a 1 game suspension but the league rescinds it? No matter really, he's of no real consequence anyway when playing a team that actually plays D.

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