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Elven Legacy (turn-based fantasty strategy)


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Demo (also available in Steam)


I'm enjoying this one :) I'm not sure if there's anything terribly special about it, but it's a solid turn-based strategy game. On hexes, yay!


You have powerful hero units (which get revived at the end of a mission if they get owned) and loads of regular units. All gain experience and level up (you get to chose from various perks each level to customize them), and you keep them from mission to mission (so it can sure hurt when a regular unit dies!). Some challenging goals (turn limits for Gold/Silver/Bronze). Picking Hard adds extra, more nasty enemies, which I'm digging. Interesting bonus missions to unlock. Multiple paths through the campaign. You can retry missions easily (if you want a better rating after learning it, or you tried too hard a difficulty level), and you pick the difficulty level before each one. Good times.


By default archer units will support neighboring friendly units on the enemy's turn (by firing at any attackers), but only once. But now I've got this hero with a crazy-wicked bow and a perk for unlimited support attacks, so I'm trying to keep my army in formation around him. Seems crazy powerful, but he did just get slaughtered rushing for a Gold rating :)


$30 on Impulse or Steam.


EDIT: Oh yeah, I hear the retail version (for the same price) gets you a nice manual, map, and a code to download it from GamersGate, too (in case you lose your DVD, I guess).


And apparently this is basically Fantasy Wars 2, or something (same developer, I think).

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