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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 confirmed for PSN/360 Marketplace

Brandon H

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It's finally officially announced. It's based on the Dreamcast code for those wondering..


With the game being developed by Backbone, we are using largely the same, critically acclaimed net code that we used in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and with that will come our player match quarter mode/lobby system that has proven so popular. Naturally leaderboards and some form of stats tracking (details to be provided at a later date) will also be in the mix. So on the net code side, you’re pretty much assured the best fighting game net code ever created for consoles.


We’ve refined our real-time sprite filtering to use even more advanced techniques and we’re providing two upscaling options for the sprites… one we’ve termed “Crisp” the other we’ve termed “Smooth”. It’s a matter of personal preference for which one you’ll enjoy more. For purists, if you’d like you can use the “Classic” setting, which leaves the sprites completely unfiltered. Because the filtering is applied in real-time, you can change these settings on the fly, mid-match if you choose. Our producer will be showing you some comparison screenshots in the coming days to better clarify the differences. The backgrounds in MvC2 are all 3D, and when rendered at higher resolutions look fantastic. The original textures and assets from the Dreamcast were actually much higher quality than the Dreamcast could really display at the time and when shown in HD, the impact is really quite amazing.


with most people playing on HD displays, we wanted to figure out how to implement widescreen support. To do so, the camera field of view was widened (which we’re able to do because of the 3D backgrounds effectively running off the “edges” of the 4:3 scenario) and there are a few camera tricks that minimize any impact on the gameplay. Play area is unchanged, and this is not a zoom and crop like HD Remix was. To put it simply, the gameplay area will be in a 4:3 field, while the viewing area will be widescreen. At the same time, for purists and competitive play, a 4:3 option (with vertical bars on the left and right) still exists.


We love MvC2 but the original “jazzy” music has long been criticized even by ardent fans. Independent music volume controls and support of custom soundtracks on PS3 and 360 we deemed an important feature. Purists will still have what they love and fans of customization are also served.


The price is $15 bucks (a steal considering the price of the game on Ebay on various platforms)...


Here's a trailer:




Oh and PSN fans get a special demo on April 30th!


This Thursday, April 30, PlayStation Network users will enjoy a free, exclusive MVC2 demo! No need to purchase another game, just download it straight to your PS3 and get ready for some triple tag team action (A big thank you goes out to Rommel Hernandez who helped make this exclusive demo possible).


Here are the details of the demo:


* Two-player local matches

* Six available characters – Ryu, Chun-Li, Strider, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Wolverine

* Seven selectable environments

* Upscaled 1080p graphics

* Widescreen or 4:3 aspect ratio

* Two graphic filter options for character sprites

* And other cool options to check out

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I never played this game but always heard great things about it. Reading their "filtering" technology techniques makes it obvious that this game isn't getting the spit and polish (obviously) that remix got, so I was interested in seeing the trailer (Having never seen the original game).


It was quite obvious that they were trying to hide the crappy graphics and animation by showing quick cuts away from actual game play. I was squinting the whole time trying to see what the game actually looked like. But the whole thing was cut together like a Borne Supremacy fight scene. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems on purpose.


Again, this coming from someone who hasn't seen the game before. I guess I'll find out when the demo is released.

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You can readily take a look at gameplay vids right here. I'm pretty sure Capcom isn't hiding them in a deep dank corner away from the eyes of gamers:






Crappy? Yeah, if you're applying 2009 goggles to it which is fine if you wish to do so but then you'd be missing the point entirely (almost more than amusingly accusing the trailer of hiding anything). This is one of those nostalgia products you like so much Keith. It's characters are totally unbalanced and as a newbie you'll be wondering why half of the things happening on the screen are well...happening. At which point you'll turn it off and wonder why so many loved it to begin with. I highly doubt you'll be onboard once you do try the demo so don't waste your time too much.


That having been said, there are others that will play the demo and enjoy its many charms (like the pure insanity of its gameplay, HUGE array of characters and quality 2D artwork/sprites/animation for its time) and end up paying $15 bucks for a game that they enjoy and they don't have to pay the silly aftermarket prices to do so..


As to your filtering comments, of course it's not getting the attention HD remix received. I doubt Capcom want to dive into that money pit again so quickly after completing SFII. It's equally obvious for me to say its silly to judge filtering technology off of any video you view online. You're not going to see the real differences until they are sitting in front of you on your TV. I personally find filtering of any kind to mostly be a bother than any actual improvement to the image quality so it's a non-factor to me. Give me the circa-2000 sprites and animation and I'll be in happy land.

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I never implied anything other than that 2009 goggles were or would be used.


I agree that filtering is not preferable. Blurring does not help.


The trailers you posted showed me the actual gameplay which was what I was looking for. And I thought it looked good. My comments before were only about the marketing they seemed to be doing. Not about the product itself. As I said, I've heard nothing but good things about this game. And it looks good.


That being said, I don't think I'll pay $15 for it unless I really like the demo. Simply because fighting games tend not to live up to their price as far as fun... because I'm not a super fighting genre fan.

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I never had any version but the DC version, and the lack of a wireless DC controller combined with my inability to find a decent Dreamcast VGA box at a reasonable price means that I can't enjoy it hooked up to my projector. (And believe me, if there were a feasible way to hook my Dreamcast up to my projector, I would.)


So I'm all over the PSN version.

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Awesome! I wasn't a huge fan of MvC2 (maybe due to the switch to 4-button fighting)...I liked the first one better. MvC2 was too manic for me. But I'll take #2 if they offer it :D


I liked the older versions... I have some fond memories of Omega Red. Don't think I played MvC2 as much... I think it got a little too frantic and fast by then... but I'm on a fighting game kick right now (I think I've played SF4 almost exclusively since it came out), so I'll probably pick it up....

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