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Thanks guys, yeah the clips and hat track decouple the drywall from the studs and joists to combat sound. Main focus for me to to make the room as quiet as possible. I'll have to have a movie / game night for the LCVGers in the Edmonton area once I'm done, I know there are a few of us out there :)

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I didn't think to take any before pictures when I started, should have...


Anyway, finished up the first layer of drywall and sealed everything today and got a couple of walls done on the second layer.














This will be the screen wall



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Looks like a great project-I really wish I had the space to do something like this. Next house...


I've never seen the rubber drywall mounts before-any idea how much doing the extra soundproofing work has really added to the price of the room? What about sound transmission through the floor/ceiling? It looks like you're doing the same drywall technique on the ceiling as well-is this in a basement?

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lol, yeah I thinking the blue ones for sure. Not much to add for updates lately as I've had my hands full with the outside of the house, new windows, siding, gutters, soffits, stone and deck be a fricken new house by the time my wife gets done adding on to the "stuff to do list"...damn.


I got my last set of speakers today though :)


So for my theater I going to use:

Revel Performa M22 / C32 / and two sets of S30s for the speakers

Paradigm Ultracube 12 for the Sub

Marantz AV8003 paired with a Sherbourn 7/200

Panasonic BD60, PS3, Xbox360, Toshiba HDA35

Panamax M5300 and 4300 for the power

and I have a URC MX980 / MSC400 and the RF lutron dimmers for the control.

going to stick with my Sanyo Z2000 and I have a 119" Dalite JKP affinity screen.

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I'll have to have a movie / game night for the LCVGers in the Edmonton area once I'm done, I know there are a few of us out there :)


Hey man where in Edmonton do you live? I just moved out here last year and am renting a condo on Jasper and 104th for now. Just in the process of buying a house in the North end. We're building and was planning on putting in a dedicated theatre room.

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Ok finally got a chance to take some more pictures...and actually work on it. Takes so much more time when you have kids. Anyway heres the goods:




I love how the arch came out, the big hole in the back wall is where the equipment rack will rest flush to the wall.




Ok this shows how I get to the rear of the equipment, this was taken while standing in the library / air hockey room




Left rear of the theater room, shows small closet for blankets and so on. By the way I really hate the tape/mud stage, its taken me forever and I'm only 80-90% done...can't wait to move on to paint.




Screen wall of the theater, this will be covered in fabric/sound treatment so no mudding required! yay!




escape path




This one shows the where the projector is going to live, kind of. Actually there is going to be a hush box attached here with its own cooling system. The small hole on the right is the conduit to the equipment rack, the large one on the left is the exhaust and the black flex hanging is the intake. Conditioned power will come from the equipment rack using a panamax in wall kit. And lastly the little black wire hanging down is the temp sensor that starts and stops the cooling fan when its needed.




picture of the cooling fan for the projector, duct cool from mid atlantic.

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