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Wheel/pedal combos

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Jay, the only wheel I've tried for the Xbox is the MadCatz, which works great. I got the universal one which works on the GC, PS2 and Xbox, a big selling point for me. One thing to note is that, on the PS2 and GC you can remap he controls on the wheel itself, but for some reason this doesn't work with the Xbox.


I went through several wheels for the PS2 and was never happy with them, one was an InterAct which was built like a FisherPrice toy...no actually worse. I also breifly had the Logitech, which was great except that the force feedback mechanism gave the wheel high resistance (even when off), so quick turns were difficult...this would kill a game like MM3 where fast turns are necessary.


I've never tried the Pelican, but they seem to have a good rep.

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