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GTA3: What are 'trails'?


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You're given the option of turning them on and off in the display settings, but the only real difference I notice when turning them off is the the black levels get outta whack and the screen jumps way up in brightness. Thus, I've left them on, because the black stays black that way. What is the actual effect for, and how can I notice it?

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You can compensate by turning the in-game brightness down after you've turned trails off.


I kept it off on the PS2 because there was a framerate gain (however slight, but the PS2 needs it badly) to be had. Not so on the Xbox so it stays on.


Like others have said, it adds a level of bluriness in movements. If you watch a cutscene with it on, then with it off, you'll see the difference right away because the images are bigger. It's a gritty, dream-like effect that underscores the criminal underworld vibe perfectly in GTA3, IMO. Not quite so in Vice, however.

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