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Another thread about messed up Wireless Routers

Sam P

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I have 3 machines connected to my Linksys Wireless Router. 2 of these are connected through cable and the other one through wireless. Ports 1 and 2 have computers hooked up via cables.


On one of the wired machines, I woke up to discover that the internet wasn't working. It worked the night before.


So I tried releasing and renewing the IP address via winipcfg. It's on Win 98.


No luck.


To my surprise, I plugged it into either of the 2 unused ports and it worked fine. I messed around with the other machine and it, too, didn't work with just Port 2.


For some reason, Port 2 was fried over night for no good reason.


I emailed Linksys and they told me to reset my router, which I did, but Port 2 remains out of comission.


Ugh. Anyone ever have this happen? It's only 2 months old so it should still be under warranty. However, I would hate to have to be without a router for weeks.


Any suggestions?

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