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Am I cursed with defective products?

Sam P

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Over the past little while, just about everything I buy electronically has some issue or another with it.


Here is a list.


Panasonic 47" HD-ready TV: Needed warranty repair after 1 month, green CRT failed.


Logitech Driving Force Steering Wheel: Both ones I tried were off-centre about 10 degrees. One was worse than the other. I didn't bother trying a third one.


Xbox Controller S: It was essentially a non-adjustable vibrator. Plug it in and it would vibrate non-stop regardless of situation.


Laptop that had its PC card slot fail within the first week.


2 different Xbox games that came with a crack in the center.


Wireless router that just failed on me. See other thread.


I know there's a few more I don't remember.


This is all within the past 6 months. Thankfully, all have been given exchanges (except for the TV, which was repaired) by the stores of purchase.


I buy quite a bit of stuff but this seems like an unusually high rate of defective products landing in my lap. None have been open-box or returned items. Perhaps it's some sort of karmic retribution.

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It must be in the air. I've had a few products fail on me in the last month as well. First it was my laptop hard drive, taking everything with it. Second it was the USB cable that connects my digital camera to my PC. In both cases the warranty had only been expired for a month or less.


Now my switchbox is going bad as well. What's next?

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Originally posted by Sam P@Nov 12 2003, 06:02 PM

How often do you make backups?

That's the painful irony of the whole situation.


Five or six years ago I lost a hard drive to a power supply failure, taking everying with it, including a 90-hour FFVII save file and several ambient techno tracks I was working on. After that I bought a Zip 250 and make a weekly habit of backing up everything that had the slightest importance.


Until a year ago I had kept up that regimen with unfailing diligence. The week before I lost the laptop hard drive I had an urge to run my backups, starting with the PC. My wife was busy on the laptop at the time so I decided to wait and come back to it. I never did.


We lost all of my wife's orders (she makes baby products like diapers, hats, slings, blankets, etc) and the last year's worth of changes to her My Documents folder, which was significant. If I had only come back to do the backups, or insisted that she give me a few minutes to take care of it, I would only be out the money for the replacement, and not have to pay the price of missing data.

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Originally posted by FreakTornado@Nov 12 2003, 06:22 PM

I don't want to threadjack here, but care to post links to some of your stuff?

All I have is a FruityLoops track (which may not even work since it's been through a few backups since) that was an attempt to recreate one of the songs I had completed. I haven't had the heart to get back in there and noodle around since I lost it all. Though lately I have been experimenting with multitrack recording using Cool Edit Pro and my Audigy 2.

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Are you buying everything from the same place Sam?


I just ask so I can know never to shop there ever .



It depends on how you look at it. Not all of it was from Future Shop, but most was. But they've taken good care of me in terms of giving exchanges or refunds without hassle.


Sometimes I wonder if it isn't bad shipping/receiving practices. You only need to see the shipping department of any large store to see workers tossing delicate electronic merchandise around.


Sorry to hear that, Shawn. I feel awful when I've written a lengthy post only to look something up on one of my I.E. toolbars and return to the page to find my writing gone. I can't even imagine how shitty it is to lose a year's worth of work.

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I've only had two of my hard drives (I have three) go on me recently (couple months ago). I say only, because it was nothing as bad as Shawn or Sam's problems.


It was still a royal pain in the ass, because they were RAIDed together, and retrieving all my info was a chore. I did get most of it back, but not all.


I need to buy a DVD burner for easy backups.

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