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Need Tech Help - I'm missing out on all the new li

Dave C

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Hi Guys,


Many of you may have noticed me dropping from live sessions all the time due to my on-going problems with my cable modem connection.


I have a 3Com "shark fin" cable modem with Optimum Online connected to

a Linksys wireless router then to my Linksys Wet-11 bridge to my xbox. Lately, I have been experiencing worse than phone-modem speeds and frequently find either the modem or router (or both) won't let packets through at all.

Sometimes it seems the modem is trying to acquire an IP#.


Usually power cycling both my router and shark fin gets things running for

a little while.


Any ideas about what is going on?


I'm going to try and swap out my shark fin for OOLs latest modem offering (motorola).

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First thing to try is running the wire from the modem straight to your computer or x-box and see what happens. If your still getting slow speeds try the other modem and if its sitll slow contact contact Optimum as they have excellent connections usually.



If you get good speeds by plugging straight to your pc/x-box


1)Something is interfearing with your wireless connection. Get any new wireless phones latly?


2)Something could be wrong with your router or the bridge. Ive heard of regular ports dying (its happened to me twice) but never have heard of the wireless function getting messed up. First time for everything i guess



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