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Animated Dr Who


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Yep, haven't had a chance to listen to it but I have been waiting for this for the past couple weeks myself :).


You can already listen to both Shada and Real Time on the site already in the webcasts section, Real Time is merely ok, but Shada is quite good. I love the Paul McGann version of the Doctor.

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Finally watched it. Well, hmm, yes.


Not total dreck, but not exactly gripping either. Richard E. Grant's Doctor is very distinct, which is nice, but some of the acting, even from him, is downright wretched. The very first part of the episode with the two guys talking was painful to sit through.


Won't write it off or anything, but so far it was just ok. I've been listening to some of the excellent Big Finish audio adventures lately and they are quite amazing so I may be a touch jaded :).

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