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Holmgren is going to be the President of the Browns.


Also Nick Folk was kicked to the curb in favor of.. Shaun Suisham. The same guy who got kicked to the curb by the Redskins this year. (not a good move IMO). Additionally the Cowboys tried out Chris McAllister(formerly of the Ravens). How they did not sign him is a mystery because he was/still is IMO a stud.


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So now that the Giants season is over (and don't me laugh by saying they mathematically still have a chance), here's a couple of things that need to happen in the offseason:




- Bill Sheridan needs to go. It's obvious that the Cover 2 Shell and Zone Blitzing schemes Sheridan loves don't work with this personnel against any team worth a damn. The Giants leave the middle of the field open and our linebackers aren't fast enough to cover a tight end worth a damn. Our seconday is ass but I'll chalk that one up to the ridiculous amount of injuries sustained so I can't blame Sheridan on that one. I can blame him for the complete lack of fire/energy/swagger whatever you want to call in on a consistent basis. We got beat in the past but this defense never laid down the way it has this year. That goes to coaching and Sheridan is the man in charge of the defense.

- Rocky Bernard is a big fat bust of a free agency pickup. He needs to go. Fred Robbins is coming off of knee surgery and is nearing 33. He had his day and but he needs to go as well. It's also apparent that Canty can barely get any push in the middle. Moving forward, we need to get a quality DT either via draft or free agency. Canty may work out but I think he needs to be slotted to a DE position. the entire front line of defense has underperformed but Tuck has been playing injured since week 2 and Osi is coming off of a major knee injury. Still, Osi is the biggest disappointment this year as he hasn't been anywhere near the player he was pre-injury. Hopefully next year is big bounce back year.

- Antonio Pierce is done. Michael Boley is a quality LB. The defense needs another speedy linebacker capable of playing sideline to sideline. They are very short on speed at the position and it's killing them. Danny Clark is older than sin and has no place in the lineup IMHO. He needs let go and no way in hell should he be getting snaps over Clint Sintim! Goff has looked pretty decent over the past few weeks but we need to bring someone else in.

- The really funny thing is the Giants secondary is a good group. They are all just fucking hurt! Corey Webster has had a down year but he has been quality and should bounce back. Terrell Thomas has played REALLY well this year. I've spent the bulk of this year thinking what kind of year Kenny Phillips might have had if he stayed healthy. If he can overcome the knee injury and get back 100% he will solidify the hell out of the secondary for us. Aaron Ross is a starter but he needs to stay healthy. C.C. Brown and Michael Johnson both needs pink slips. Aaron Rouse has potential but needs time to grow. We need to bring in a big playmaking safety (again draft or free agency).




- The wide receiver question has been answered. These guys just need time to grow. Manningham needs a lot of work on route running but Smith and Nicks look to be quality starters. I'd like to see Hagan get more time and I hope Barden starts getting some reps. He has big potential. Moss needs to go. Pink slip him.

- The offensive line needs some nips and tucks. Chris Snee, O'Hara and Seubert are still quality. Beatty is a good player who needs to be pushed over to LT. Mackenzie needs to be let go as his day has also come IMHO. Some new blood via the draft would help greatly to take over at RT. Booth, Koets etc. are backups at best. Diehl hasn't been great this year.


There's more but I'm too angry for much else and getting angrier as I type.

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I truly believe Caldwell wanted to lose today to make sure the pressure of going undefeated all the way to the Super Bowl would be gone. No one cares that the Pats went 16-0 because they lost the Super Bowl.



I'm sure that's what the bummed out Indy players and fans are all telling themselves to feel better about it.
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