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Usenet binaries downloading software


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I'm absolutely sick of how flaky Binary News Reaper 2 is, having just had my third crash of the evening with it, but I'm loath to fork out the readies for something non-free unless people confirm that it really is great.


So can anyone recommend what I should get instead?

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Ok, so I'm not feeling so smart right now, what is this topic dealing with, or specifically what are "binaries downloading software." I've looked at the sites suggested above and my best guess is that these some how help with organizing news sites?? Maybe for downloading them to PDA's?? Please enlighten me! I'm lost here.

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Binaries are files (.exe, .jpg, .bin, .mp3, etc). However, since USENET is text-based, binaries files are turned into text files and broken up into sometimes many many pieces. These newsreaders take those text-files and reassemble them into usable binaries.


In other words, Iainl wants pr0n!


Or maybe WaReZ, d00d!

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