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What DVDs will you be buying on 11/18?

Angel P

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Alice in Wonderland (1966) (Home Vision)

All the Queen's Men (Warner Bros.)

Asylum Days (2001)

Bad Bizness (2003)

BeastMaster: Season Three (6-DVD Set) (2001)

Bela Lugosi Classics (Set #1) (AMC) (The Ape Man/Devil Bat/The Human Monster and White Zombie)

Bela Lugosi Classics (Set #2) (AMC) (The Corpse Vanishes/Invisible Ghost/Phantom Ship/Scared to Death)

Beyond Therapy (Anchor Bay)

Bloody Brood (1959)

Boris Karloff Classics (AMC) (The Ape/The Ghoul/The Terror/Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome)

Boy and His Dog, A (1974) (First Run Pictures)

Brief Vacation, A (Home Vision)

Cat Chaser (1990)

Children of Hannibal (TLA Releasing)

Criss Cross (Artisan)

Cult Classics (Set #1) (AMC) (The Atomic Brain/The Brain That Wouldn't Die/Carnival of Souls/Night Tide)

Cult Classics (Set #2) (AMC) (Dementia 13/Frozen Alive/The Screaming Skull/Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter)

Deacons for Defense (Showtime)

Deep Shock (2002)

Eaten Alive (1976)

Frank and Ollie (Special Edition) (1996)

Gift of Love (Monterey)

Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) (PlexiFilm)

Glory Years[/u[ (1987) (Artisan)

Great Day In Havana (Facets)

Hot Parts (2003)

Ichi The Killer (Uncut Special Edition) (Media Blasters)

In Search Of Dr. Seuss (1995)

James Bond Collection, The (Vol. 1) (Reissue) (MGM) (Includes Dr. No, Goldeneye, Goldfinger, Licence to Kill, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Tomorrow Never Dies)

James Bond Collection, The (Vol. 2) (Reissue) (MGM) (Includes Diamonds Are Forever, For Your Eyes Only, From Russia with Love, The Living Daylights, Moonraker, The World is Not Enough, You Only Live Twice)

James Bond Collection, The (Vol. 3) (MGM) (Includes Die Another Day, Live and Let Die, Octopussy, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Thunderball, A View to a Kill)

Joseph Andrews (Paramount)

King David (Paramount)

Kiss Daddy Goodnight (1987)

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (Paramount)

Last Tycoon, The (Paramount)

Liane, Jungle Goddess (1956)

Little Monsters (1989) (Artisan)

Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers (Extended Edition) (New Line)

Marooned (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Mascara (Pathfinder)

Mondays in the Sun (Lions Gate)

My Big Fat Greek Life: The Entire Series (2003)

Oliver's Story (Paramount)

Once Upon A Time In The West (Special Edition) (Paramount)

Outsider, The (Showtime)

Pale Flower (Home Vision)

Pretty Baby (Paramount)

Prince Charming (HBO)

Princess Blade, The (ADV Films)

Quarry, The (First Run Pictures)

Recoil (2003)

Rescue Heroes: The Movie (2003)

Roger Corman Classics (AMC) (Bucket of Blood/Little Shop of Horrors/The Terror/The Wasp Woman)

Russ Meyer?s Beneath the Valley of the Ultra Vixen

Russ Meyer?s Super Vixens

Russ Meyer?s Vixen

Santa Clause 2, The (Buena Vista)

Scheme, The (2000)

Sea is Watching, The (Columbia/Tri-Star)

Second Nature (HBO)

Sherlock: Case Of Evil (2002)

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (Dreamworks)

Suicide Club (TLA Releasing)

Swindle (2002)

Tapped Out (2003)

Together (MGM)

Twister (1990) (Artisan)

Visitors (2003)

West Wing, The: The Complete First Season (1999)

Winged Migration (Columbia/Tri-Star)


Won't be getting anything since Two Towers will be going on my x-mas list.

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Angel, notification of Underground's delay was sent directly from the DVD publisher, New Yorker Films. I failed to point out Cyclo, Flamenco, Sitcom and Waco are also delayed.




If any of you are interested in forthcoming Foreign and Art films on DVD from all Regions, I maintain this list.

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I totally missed "Winged Migration" in your list, and so when I showed up at the store to buy TTT:EE last night, I was pleasantly surprised to see this sitting on the shelf too! Amazingly there was only ONE copy of Winged left, so I snatched it up.


I was amazed by this move in the theater, I actually saw it twice, incredible film making.

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Whooter, I'm in the same boat. I have to start saving for the holidays (and wifey's b-day 12/19) so I have to cut down on DVD purchases. LOTR:TTT EE went on my holiday wish list, as did every other title being released from now til x-mas. I may make an impulse buy in the coming weeks but am going to try not to. 8)

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Same here. TT:EE is assuredly my last new dvd purchasse prior to the holidays.


BTW, for anyone who was even remotely interested in those AMC b movie discs, they've been showing up around here in walmart's $5.88 dvd bin, but YMMV. They look like they'd be good background fluff for parties.

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I got TTT:EE on Tuesday at Best Buy for $24.99. Sweet deal and a bargain at twice the price as far as I'm concerned.


Its gonna take a month or more to get through all of the supplements on this one, especially since there are so many games taking up my time.


BTW, the EE was fantastic and a huge improvement over the Theatrical edition IMHO.





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Yeah, watched TTT extended version last night, loved it way more than the original. There are more than a few scenes (that were in the theatrical) that make more sense and have more impact because of related scenes that were left in the extended version.


Aside from that the image quality is astounding, as good or better than Matrix Reloaded.

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