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  • 3 weeks later...

I rented this this weekend (PS2 and XBox versions were checked out), and I am SHOCKED at some of the glitches in this game!!! I'm talking either completely locking up or having severe graphical slowdown. I have NEVER had this happen with a console game.


At one point I turned a corner near a building and got stuck, with half the screen blue and the other half white. A message appeared on screen that said "Welcome to <no name>" like it was trying to load a new area but couldn't. I had to restart my game.


The game itself can be fun at times, but it's extremely derivative of GTA, and the much-hyped fighting engine is just a big joke. Totally repetitive button-mashing. The graphics are crap as a rule, not an exception, and the shockingly bad dialogue just had me dumbstruck. Oh, and why do all the cars seemingly have just one gear?! They're all so slow and sound like they have one engine note.


Anyway, this gets a big thumbs down from me.

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