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Romier S

Saying goodbye to a longtime friend - Covak

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Happy Birthday old friend, you are missed.


Random James/Covak memory for his birthday:


In the term James and I met in residence we teamed up against another two guys for some PC NHL 99 over the school network. I still get a smile on my face every time I think about those guys screaming "The James!" down the hall after one of us pulled off James' patented hold-the-slapshot-until-the-goalie-goes-down move.


After our pairing was broken up to make it fair for the other two guys, being on Covak's team in games became somewhat of a rare treat. I spent most of the next decade+ on the business end of crowbars, Ivy whips, rifles, mutalisk rushes, energy swords, red shells and golden guns. I count myself lucky to be among the thousands to yell "Covak!" after getting schooled by a master and luckier to have been his friend.



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^That is exactly how James played video games... Better than everyone else.


James and I have played many games against each other, and I'd like to think we were evenly matched. This is not true. James always found a way to be better. I remember many times when I thought I'd figured out the way he played and how to beat him. Only a few rounds later he'd be back on top winning again.


He always dedicated himself to everything he enjoyed. In turn everything he enjoyed he did very well. This is something I admired about him.

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