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For you DS9 fans..


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A year and a half ago(maybe 2 years) Paramount gave permission to start releasing books which continue the story of the show. All of the books till the new one are like the 8th season of the show. I must say after reading the new Hardcover Unity that these writers who do the DS9 stuff are incredible. Every single book has captured the ds9 story perfectly. Everything that the show had, these have. A lot of questions you have asked are answered, with lots of new ones asked. New Charectors (some you have heard of before), new conflicts, new threats, new surprises, and lots of new adventures. Definatly check them out if you enjoyed the show. Below is a list of books released till now if you are intrested


A Stich in Time-A serperate book just about Garek which even though it is good , read it last


The Left Hand of Destiny Books 1 and 2-Martok Return home after the Dominion War

Avatar Books 1 and 2-Like Season 8 Premiere

Section 31: Abyss

Gateways:Demons of Air and Darkness

Horn and Ivory (From What Lay behind hardcover)

Mission Gamma Series - Like Mid season big episode stuff

Book 1 :Twilight

Book 2 :The Grey Spirit

Book 3 : Cathedral

Book 4: Lesser Evil

Rising Son

Unity-Like Season 8 Finale


Prophecy and Change-Anthology of stories which takes place during the 7 years of the series. Gives a lot more insight into decisions the charectors made during the series and some of the actions they took




There is a bunch of stuff coming out next year as well


Worlds of Deep Space Nine - 3 books (2 stories in each book) which tell a tale on 6 of the planets from DS9 which will continue after the events of unity)


Tales of the Dominion War- Will be like Prophecy and Change telling stories to give more insight to what went on during the War




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Thanks Joey, I'll definitely be looking into some of those. Just finished up Season 6 on DVD and I love the series (almost as much as Next Gen but I have a soft spot for the crew of the Enterprise D).


Looking forward to seeing how the whole series ends as I never caught much of Season 6 or 7 on TV (including the finale which I only saw about 20 minutes of :( ).

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Well, I'm not done, I've only seen the 1st 12 episodes of Season 7, but I have to say, the new Dax is not good... Ezri is just plain boring. I can't see any confidence or leadership in her at all. Jadzia was a strong character, and to follow her up with Ezri, is just not working for me.


By the way, Jake Cisco is on Invasion, I just saw him.



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I'd never been much of a DS9 fan, but had watched some episodes, mostly ones involving Worf (he's always been my favorite Star Trek character). However, through the magic of Netflix I've been watching every episode in order. Wow, what an incredible show, and how wrong I was. I'm on Disc 7 of Season 5, and so far there have been a handful of episodes that were horrible. Most of the episodes are in the 3.5-4.5 star range, with a large number of them being 5 star affairs. Certainly a higher percentage than I'm used to with other shows.

And the characters! I had no idea I'd like these characters so much. There isn't one of them who I haven't grown to enjoy over the past 100+ episodes. I have my favorites of course (Worf is still my favorite, but Odo comes close) but they are all enjoyable, even the secondary characters. Nog still gets on my nerves at times, but not nearly as much as he did when the show started (of course, that was the idea).

So far I'd say my top 10 episodes are (in no particular order):

...Nor the Battle to the Strong

Children of Time


For The Uniform

Homefront/Paradise Lost

Improbable Cause/The Die Is Cast

In Purgatory's Shadow/By Inferno's Light

Our Man Bashir

The Visitor

The Way of the Warrior (Parts I & II)

I have three of the books mentioned (both Avatars and Unity) and will definitely be reading them when I'm done with the tv series.

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Dont read Unity until you read the other books i mentioned above. You can skip the section 31 book if you want. however make sure you read Both Avatar book, Mission Gamma series and Rising Son before Unity otherwise you will be lost on a few story lines

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Yea, after watching that show for 7 months or so, I find myself missing it. I watched an episode every morning Mon-Fri while on the treadmill, now it's not the same! I'm going to roll through Voyager, I think I saw most every show during the TV run, but I know I missed a few here and there, at least it's Trek again.



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Really, ok, well, I'll most likely rent them all then. I saw about 8 episodes of Season 1, and simply gave up on it. Others have told me it gets much better, so yea, I'll get all the seasons and start again. Thanks for the advice!




PS - Does the Enterprise actually have an ending? I mean, did it just get cancelled, or did they know it was going to end, so they could end it properly?

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Dont think they have yet. They were actually cheaper to buy when they originally came out. You were able to buy them from some Canadien shops for like $40 less then in the states. Im surprised paramount hasnt done what fox has done with there x-files and buffy sets yet

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It doesn't make any sense. They were $100 when they first came out (which is why I skipped). Then they reduced the first three at some point last year to $50 or so, which isn't bad. I've heard rumors that they will drop the price on more seasons in May, but haven't seen it confirmed anywhere. The real odd part is you can buy all seven seasons together for $300 from many online retailers, which works out to $45 a season. I'd rather space out the purchases for money reasons. I can just save the money too, but I'd like to watch them as we buy them. Oh well.

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