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MotoGP 2 Patch Arrives Monday


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For any of you that still like to race the bikes... although I don't suspect many of you will with PGR2 out now... there is a patch arriving for MotoGP 2 on monday which will fix the glitches people are using to get 30 second lap times, plug up a pausing/drafting exploit, reset the scoreboards, and tweak the physics slightly to make the bikes a bit more even.

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I've been reading about that patch too DrunkOM, not that the glitch times really affect me as i'm not competing for the top 100 scores.

it will be interesting how they tweek the bikes and if they get rid of the unrealistic NSR backslide.

hopefully we will revisit motogp2 in an oldschool gaming night. i know i'd like a night of motogp racing with people from this forum.

might be able to get a little payback for all the bullets i have lodged in my head from r63.

maybe we could have a canadian racing night since most of our friends from across the border are busy playing pgr2 :evil: and fooling around with kegs of astroglide.

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I got to 110 (out of just over 900) before giving up for the night.


Some things to note about the patch, the physics have changed a bit. The RC has gotten a boost and is, at least for the time being, the dominant bike on a few more tracks than before.


Aparently the NSR doesn't handle quite as well, although I didn't notice any change, at least with my setup.


Finally, the biggest change (besides the glitch fixes) is that Drafting has been removed from the game to curb those that were abusing it in various ways to improve their scoreboard times.

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