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Risk for the Xbox

Robot Monkey

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Did you kids see Atari (nee Infogrames) is doing Risk for the Xbox?


I hope it's 1) value-priced, 2) Live-enabled and 3) supports game saves on Live.


Unfortunately, Gamespot doesn't provide any more info other than screen shots. The info page hasn't been updated since the end of August No release date and they refer to Infogrames as the publisher.



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I would love to see Live go in this direction. As some of you know I'm a voracious board gamer, but finding people to play is often a pain in the ass. While I'm not particularly enamoured of Risk, this is definitely an excellent step forward for broadening the Live experience and I give it a huge thumbs up.


Hopefully CapCom will port the PS2 version of Settlers of Catan over as well, one of the most fiendishly enjoyable boardgames of the past decade :).

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