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Party/board game for Live idea

Robot Monkey

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While we're at it, how about a party/"board" game for Live that takes advantage of the fact you're playing on a console?


It could have a mixture of challenges, like:


1. Your partner has to guess the word or phrase from you assembling something out of basic geometric shapes on the screen.


2. Another could play a snippet of a song (to you only) and then you have to use four notes to get your partner to guess it from a list of ten. Or something.


3. Three-legged race! You and your partner have one leg tied to the other's and you have to coordinate to run to the finish line and beat the other teams.


4. Chicken Fight! You and your partner battle the other teams -- your partner sits on your shoulders and controls punching. You control the feet. Can you imagine the yelling and hullabaloo going on over the voice comm?


See, all the challenges would be designed to rely upon coordination between you and your partner(s). It can borrow the best elements from board games like Trivial Pursuit, Cranium, Pictionary, Taboo, Scattergories and so on. And elements from other videogames like Mario Party, DDR, WarioWare and Super Monkey Ball.


Then you put it all together and make it fast and furious with the ability to pause for adult beverages.


I'll want a cut of the action if anyone makes this.



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I'm programming a party game for the Mac and PC's in 2004 and HOPEFULLY it will contain live connectivity (no voice though). It would be kinda stupid to have it only work on one PC. Unfortunately, Jay's gonna have to find another distributor because I already have 40 mini-games chosen. ;)


Quite frankly I'm surprised no one else is working on something similar. It just seems like a lot of potential wasted.

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Originally posted by Sam P@Nov 17 2003, 06:52 PM

However, why doesn't Nintendo just make Mario Party Online?

Well, Nintendo online strategy aside, I'm imagining a game that specifically requires cooperation and coordination with team members (like the three-legged race) to cause much mirth on the voice comms.



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