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Drop a Ton Challenge 2010

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On 4/5/2021 at 5:29 PM, Dimness said:

I'm starting to see some definition, but I've got a long way to go. I might need to buy a at-home work out bench (might be Amazon one) since long-term cost of gym membership is a little high for me at this point. Or I could just use my apartment's gym


I still need to find a good dumbbell for the back that doesn't require a work-out bench in the mean time. I try to flex my traps while doing rear delt rows, but I feel like I'm neglecting my lats. Anybody got a lat workout with dumbbells that aren't rows? I tried using a plain fold-out chair, but the lack of padding really hurt my wrist during the flexion part. 


Unless you look like a bodybuilder, or are at least in better shape than most Marvel superhero actors when they are on screen, I usually recommend to skip the isolation exercises and focus on compound lifts like Deadlift, Squats, and Presses. You'll get good lats and traps from doing those (specifically Deadlifts in this case) along with working your core and a ton of other muscles. Personally, compared to anywhere else on my own body, my lats are probably more developed than most anywhere else, and I like deadlifting. 


You can add the isolation stuff for fun if you like doing them.


So consider a barbell and some bumper plates for the home gym instead of a bench. You'll get a lot of use out of those (besides squats that will need a rack, and you can likely substitute Hack Squats for the time being). And in a minimalist setup I'd get the the squat rack over a bench and focus on Overhead Presses and Pushups for chest. 

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