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Misc Video Footage for editing?


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I'm hoping to tap the braintrust here...


I'm looking for a site (or sites) with public domain or even commercially available video footage for use in personal video editing. For example, I'm doing a project for school where I need a video of an explosion. I simply need footage of an explosion (real or rendered) to insert into my piece.


I know there are DVDs available with such material but I thought a website might be quicker.

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This is a great source, but I'm not sure how well it will fit your needs. Very high-rez stuff is available for free (not sure about IP issues, but if your use is personal... :




There are a lot of great classics in there like those graphic driver's ed film from the old days, a film for girls on being popular and the sort of stuff you might remember being mocked on MST3K. There are recent films as well.



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If you are checking out the Prelinger archives, look for the short film "A Case of Spring Fever" featuring "Coily the Spring Sprite." An absolute classic - it was MST'd, hilariously, but the original can stand alone pretty well. ;)


Edit: Here you go:




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