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Arx Fatalis

Romier S

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Xbox RPG fans really need to take a look at this game. Its a very little known game that was released to little fan-fair on the PC. I bought the game on release day after having played a short demo and just fell in love it. This is now Morrowind for those who fear a huge open ended adventure. Fatalis is far more linear but just as enjoyable. The combat is far more satisying and the magic system is very unique. You really can't go wrong here folks:


Arx Fatalis review

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If you have a half-decent computer, I highly recommend picking this one up out of the bargain bin.


It is a shame that it got overlooked, but it was hard to compete with Morrowind, which came out around the same time. They are completely different games though.


I wonder how the mouse gesture spell casting system will translate over to the Xbox controller?

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