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The Official Figures and Collectibles Thread

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On 3/15/2017 at 10:58 PM, Romier S said:

Gents, the day of reckoning has come where it is time for me to move on from the hobby. So in very simple terms, the collection is for sale.


All of these figures have been opened and displayed but are in nearly mint condition and have been babied (dusted regularly, etc.). I don't have pricing on it but am negotiable and fair. I'm not looking to gouge anyone but to get some level of ROI. I can provide pictures if necessary.




Just noticed this. What prompted the exit from the hobby? 

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I know this thread has mostly gone dormant, but I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that First Four Figures is about to release their long in production Alucard statue, which is quite a bit larger (and more game accurate) than the Mondo statue above (which was available a month or two ago, although I skipped it).  I'm also effectively out of the expensive statues and figures collecting, but I made an exception for this one.  Because Symphony.



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2 minutes ago, Angry the Clown said:

It had better have some actual magical powers for that kind of money.



It is the power of making your bank account empty.

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I'm not much of a collector, but I do occasionally pick up something if I really love it and it's core to me and my interests.


I grew up in Boston riding and loving the old PPC Trolleys. They are still barely alive and running still today. (4 left on the tail end of one rail line) I ride them whenever I can steal a chance, although I fear with the current pandemic, perhaps the end days for these  Boston street cars maybe be sped up. 😥


I've always wanted a collectable, and when I finally got serious the other day I only found one on Ebay. These (1998) Corgi collectables are the best version, of the limited options out there. There was only a single item available on Ebay, and as luck would have it, it was brand new in the box. I didn't even flinch, insta-purchase! 


I didn't really consider I wouldn't open it, but still feels funny doing the dirty deed, opening a brand new preserved collectable. I'm taking thin cover behind the condition of the box. It was clearly exposed to the sun, so it's not like it's 100% pure perfection I'm breaking. 🙂











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HasLab X-Men Marvel Legends Sentinel  - $350

  • 26.3-inch (669 mm) Sentinel figure
  • LEDs in the head and chest (2x AAA batteries required, not included)
  • 18-inch Sentinel “tentacle” accessory
  • Marvel Legends 6-inch Bastion figure with 6-Inch alternate Sentinel Prime head
  • Marvel Insider Points Redemption code (70,000 points per purchase, limit 2 code redemptions per account) & X-Men #14 (1963) digital comic to read in the Marvel Comics app (available in iOS and Android). Open to US residents 18+. Terms apply.
  • Tier 1 UNLOCK: Marvel Legends Master Mold alternate head accessory
  • Tier 2 UNLOCK: Battle Damaged Head & Hand accessory






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