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A very positive preview of Brute Force


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Boy, this game has been on a real rollercoaster for me. I first saw the trailer on an OXM demo disc many months ago and I was absolutely floored. Then it was delayed, delayed, delayed, and even after all of that it still wasn't Live-enabled. Then I read some things about how it was still a fairly standard squad-based shooter, albeit with prettier pictures. But other hands-on impressions indicated that it was indeed something special. And now this preview makes it seem like an A+ title again. Well, I reckon I'm just gonna have to pick this sucker up and decide for myself! I still think the trailer is one of the best I've seen; hopefully the game can reproduce the awe that I felt when I first saw it.


Thanks for the link, Buck!

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I've had this on preorder for a while, and that preview is rather encouraging.


While no Live is a bummer, I'm so so glad that the multiplayer will allow 4 people to play. My pals and I have been looking for a game we can play together since Halo which we're finally starting to get worn out of.


We'll see in a few weeks if Brute Force any good or not though.

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