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Catalyst 3.5 Suite is out

Chris F

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I figured with my new rig I could run it full everything with a nice decent framerate, but it still chugs along at times.


1600X1200X32 (Tip for you, resolution means nothing in terms of performance. Game runs almost identical in 1024X768 or 1600X1200. CPU power is the big one for Morrowind. Stronger and faster your processor the better framerate youll garner).


2XAA and 4X AF.


Draw Distance is set to 85%, AI distance to 30%.


Everything runs very smoothly for me. There is a drop in framerate when in large towns like Ebonheart, as well as the new expansion which can get chuggy during snowfall and what not. Never gets unplayable for me though.


One thing that takes a bit to come to terms with is Morrowind really is a seriously a very hard engine to run. Its almost impossible to get a perfectly smooth framerate without turning things down far too much. No matter what you do you will get some chug. Its the nature of the beast unfortunately.


Would also recommend the framerate optimizer which allows you to scale the draw distance to maintain a somewhat constant framerate. (Ie in when in town the draw distance changes to half, when you walk back out to wilderness it goes back to 85%. Very useful tool.) Also there are several .INI tweaks you can do to help the game run a bit smoother.

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