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Just finished Crimson Skies

General Zot

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What a great ending! No spoilers but the entire last level was just beyond belief. About the only thing to out do this would be Panzer Dragoon Orta (or Rez). Microsoft made Crimson Skies about as enjoyable as possible, kudos!


If you are on the fences about finishing the SP game, do it. Just turn on God mode for the hard bits if you want to power through, just get to the ending. It is too much...

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Yea, I finished CS Single Player as well last week. It was an amazing game, that last level was damn frustrating at times, but really felt good when completed. I didn't know about a God Mode, but actually, it wasn't that bad without it, you just had to get the pattern down.


Great game... now for some online play.



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Ive had it crash a couple of times which meant i lost my progress and had to restart the level.. the worst was on the level where that robotic worm creature attacks and i think i destroyed the head part quicker than i was supposed to as the body just kept carrying on crawling round the level until i restarted the game!!! I also didn't like the last level, the parts in the caves really tested my patience as at times it seemed more luck than skill that i made it through and it could be very disorientating.. though i did enjoy the last battle.

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