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Counter-Strike Tonight!

Chris F

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I'll be hosting a Counter-Strike game starting at 8PM EST tonight.


Although this will change if I don't receive CS this afternoon. But I should. I hope.


Invites will go out at 8PM, so if you want in, just let me know via posting in this thread, or sending me invites in-game.


See you tonight!

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Originally posted by MrJames@Nov 19 2003, 10:36 AM

I plan on picking up my copy today. Biggest concern right now is that CS may only support 10 players in a non-dedicated game.

I read that as well. Looks like we could have several rooms going at once...

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Well, it was a light turnout tonight for CS, although we did have a full game going for a while. All in all, most people seemed to really enjoy it, although those that have never played CS seemed to ned time to adjust to it. It is in fact a faster paced game, and requires some adjustment, especially after getting used to RS3 and the GR series.


My stance on the game still stands unchanged. Although it's not the prettiest girl in school, she still know how to have a good time.


The control is very tight, and responsive. The default button layout is perfect. I still try and zoom in (a la RS3), so I have to get that idea out of my head when I play CS from now on.


The 5.1 sound is good too. Not as good as PGR2 or RS3, but good nonetheless. It makes it much easier to find the firefights with the 5.1 sound.


Some of the maps are very well done, and provide for some awesome battles.


I don't like some of the hosting aspects of the game though (changing maps, setting, etc.), as it seems very "unfinished", and there aren't a lot of options. I did find that if I put the maps on "Random" it will cycle the maps indefinitely after 3 rounds of play.


As I've said, there are some problems with the game, no more than most Live games though, and easy to overlook when you're having this much fun.


I hope those of you who joined up tonight had a good time. And I'll be hosting another round of CS from 8-10PM tomorrow. Then RS3 from 10-12 after that.

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I rented this game if anyone wants to dig it out and have a go. Didn't like what I saw when I popped it in and played with the masses. I'm hoping dueling with friends will improve the experience. I'll be available Thursday from 3-11 EST; give me a time and I'll meet you there...

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Guest Bryan

How many can play concurrently? I'm thinking eight or twelve... Should be fun either way. This is one of the games that I didn't put enough effort into playing. It was hard to get a group together when it came out, and it just faded to the bottom of the figurative stack.

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