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Anyone using a Wireless signal booster?


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I need some help. I have a Linksys BEFW11s4 wireless router hooked up to DSL. My main pc is a wired pc and I have 2 Wireless pcs of which one is located right next to the router(too lazy to put the wired back in). The other is a laptop with a wireless card. The problem is that the range sucks on it. I can't go 35 feet w/o it dropping out.


At first I thought well its the router(having read alot about some distaste towards Linksys so I bought a D-Link and nothing changed so I figured at that point I have a signal issue at my house. Now inbetween where I have the router and where I'd like to use the laptop or Xbox(soon), I have a few walls to deal with. Some have suggested a signal booster but I haven't had the dough to try that out. I think they are around $79.


My area is unique in that its in a low area where even some cell phones drop out. I live behind a major hospital which also has a lifelight helicopter. I think this is the source of my issues.


Any ideas?

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I have the Linksys signal booster. Its excellent as my router is in the front part of our house. The longest it would go with just the router was to mid way my room on the other side of the house. With the Booster it covers all the way to the back fence in our yard. I highly recommend it



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Ok I just hooked up the booster. The pc that is on the wireless is about 20 feet from me and doubled the signal but only to 40%, I then took the wireless pc to the room where my Home theater is along with where my xbox will go and no signal.


I live in wireless hell ARGH!!


Needless to say it isn't worth the $100 in my house so its going back.

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