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Sony's PlayStation+ - It pays for itself. Updates and PSN Sales ...

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Calling out your own trolling because it apparently wasn't savage enough for anyone online to give a shit about,... That's a first world problem! 

Heads up, everyone, the season pass for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is currently on sale on PSN for $4.49 (normally $29.99). You don't even have to have PS Plus in order to get the deal.

IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED.     Aw man, I just bought Knack two years ago for $7.99. I knew I should have waited.

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I signed up for PS+ this morning for the first time.  What are essential freebies that I should download?


PS+ no longer does freebies that are available for a year. They now change every month. PS4 has three games this month. Transistor, Rogue Legacy, and Apotheon which is a new game. Transistor and Rogue Legacy are both awesome games. I have not tried Apotheon yet. PS3 has Yakuza 4 and Thief 3.

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I would start by 'purchasing' whatever free content you can find that mildly interests you, and purchase via the web store on your computer. You can purchase content on the computer without having to download actually set anything to download. That way you can have a nice library and not have to worry about file management etc.

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Yes "purchase" (by which we mean at the very least adding all monthly freebies to your cart and checking out, even if not downloading them afterwards to any system) is the general rule of thumb in enjoying the most from PS+ benefits. They'll always be there waiting for your to dl and try for as long as you keep a subscription active, so on that basis one might as well grab everything upon release every month, even things that might not appeal, as on a rainy day you might just want to try something out for the hell of it. I say this so often Sony might as well quote me for advertising purposes, but with the "download everything no matter what" approach PS+ let me build a huge collection of VITA  games a year before I even bought a VITA.  

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Yep - except for Playstation exclusives like Uncharted or The Last of Us or the upcoming - The Order - PSPlus is an excellent way to build up a game library for all three Sony gaming platforms if you practice a little patience. Invariably a game you wanted shows up in the rotation. Right now there way too many games for me to play but it's awesome to have the choice when whimsy strikes.

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I grabbed the Jackbox Party pack which includes Fibbage in the sale today.


Couldn't I technically share play that with you guys? Because we should totally do that one night.

All we need is the code of your game when you start it. We then log on to the webpage and enter it. Thats all we need. :)


I bought the game last year to play during the holidays, but the PSN outage fucked that all up. What we did play is awesome. I'm totally down for a Fibbage or Drawful night. I am more than happy to host as well. All we need is to be on the Party chat on PSN and we can play. Oh, and not everyone needs to own the game to play. They just need to be able to login to the website using their phone, iPad, PC, whatever.

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