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Final Fantasy X-2 Review Thread?


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  • 2 weeks later...

Just got it.


I only had about a half an hour with the game last night, but I got through the first mission and am pretty much on my way. I have a few first impressions I will add upon as I progress.


First of, this is a very different game than FFX. The environments and characters are all similar, but the mood, gameplay, and structure is wildly different - in a good way. The tone is markedly upbeat, with a pop appeal that made me giggle once or twice. The music is also quite different - upbeat and poppy, not the usual foreboding FF soundtrack.


Battles are frantic, especially for the new player who hasn't figured things out yet (that would be me). They're done in ATB mode (Active Time Battle), which means you can be getting nailed while figuring out your next move. This keeps the pace up and adds a TON of excitement to the battles.


This isn't a hack-and-slash, though - the strategy is still there. For instance, during battle, you can change your "Dress Sphere," which essentially changes not only your cute little outfit but also your abilities. You set up your spheregrid ahead of time to determine your in-battle (and out, supposedly) abilities. Cool system, it seems, and reminiscent of the classic FF job system.


One final note for now... The manual is short and sweet, which I love. You learn everything in-game, so there's no 50-page tome to get through in order to understand the game.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I got this game last weekend and have been playing it pretty solidly.


I almost finished FFX (got to the last boss but wasn't leveled up enough to beat him and never got around to it) and I must say I am enjoying X2 more. The ship base allowing you to pick where you go next offers a lot of freedom and you can get through the game quick (well for a FF game) if you skip a lot of optional sidequests.


Actually I wasn't planning on skipping a lot of the sidequests but I was so used to FF forcing you through everything I was in Chapter 4 before I realized fully that it wasn't a "must go to hot spots only" thing. I actually am near the end of the game (I can easily go and start into the final bosses) but I'm trying to play catchup on the sidequests I can still get to (and to level up so I don't run into a similar fate as I did with FFX). From what I read if you finish the game you can play through again keeping all of your weapons/items which will be nice.


In the beginning I was sticking to Yuna as Dark Mage, Riku as White Mage and Paine as Warrior. I would suggest not sticking to one dress so you can have several leveled up (You know that is something I thought I would never say....). Though now I am levelling everyone up in Dark Knight and it looks to be very good - especially if you vary the garment grids and items so you have a good variety of cure and black magic abilities.


I am really enjoying it and if anyone liked FFX I would say definately pick this one up.

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