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Silent Hill: The Room

Romier S

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Found this while scouting the net. No sufficient information to really back it up so I take it with a grain of salt (and so should you). Heres the "report" :


Konami US copyrights the moniker for the next in the company's brilliant horror series

"Evidently feeling gamers struggle when they have to count past three, it appears Konami is to drop the number from the title of its next Silent Hill game, with Konami US having copyrighted the name: "Silent Hill: The Room".


Again no really solid foundation but its intriguing name if it turns out to be true.

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Cool, I'm always looking forward to more Silent Hill. And I hope the rumor turns out to be true, because I too don't like counting past three.


I finally managed to acquire a copy of the original Silent Hill yesterday. I've played through it a few times, but never owned it and have been keeping an eye peeled for it for ages now. So now I'll be able to revisit the original nightmare.

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Yeah I am on my ummmm .... well, I played Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2.... so this makes Silent Hill

ummm ..... * scratches head, counts fingers again * errrr ...... there was Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2, then they made Silent Hill 3, then they came out for X-Box 2 more times, so this one would be 6 ?? * smiles brightly *

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I bought Silent Hill 2 for the xbox and played it for about 1 hour. I WANT to play more, but I'm too chicken to keep going!


To quote Egon in Ghostbusters: "I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought".


This survival-horror genre gets deep into the fear center of my brain. For me, it really does become a horror movie in which I'm the star, and it's too much for me to take.

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For me, it really does become a horror movie in which I'm the star, and it's too much for me to take.


Interestingly I think this is why things that are tired and old hat in movies, such as evil houses of evil and haunted spaceships and the like become much more viable as horror game settings since now the person making the dumb mistakes is the player rather than some dopey actor and the immersion really helps drive the fear home.


Not to jack the Silent Hill thread ;). But I do love a good scary game. Still meaning to play Silent Hill though!

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I eventually found it to be boring.


I'm interested in what you found boring Derrick? Thats not a loaded question mind you. I am genuinely interested to know? Play mechanics? Lack of real interest in the story?


Consequently given those reasons what drew you more to the Silent Hill series?


Also please anyhone feel free to chime in with answers. If you feel the opposite way please extrapolate...

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Honestly Romier, it pretty much came down to story and overall gameplay for me. The Silent Hill stuff is just "da shit", at least to me. Silent Hill 2 especially. One of those things where everything comes together and just really clicks with you. Silent Hill II really did. F.F. never really hit me the same way.


I've never felt the despair, and closing in oppressive doom that I did when in the prison under the lake. I remember playing through that and every time I'd head down further underground, it was just depressing. BUT IN A GOOD WAY!!! :) I REALLY wanted to see some sky over my head. The developers really came up with something truly disturbing, creepy, evil and...interesting.


The whole camera thing in F.F., while unique, didn't really do anything for me. I liked S.H's use of real world weapons.


Graphically, I thought that there was wasn't much eye candy in F.F. Yes, the spirits looked pretty sweet, on the 'Box version, but...if I remember correctly, most everything in that Asian mansion was hues of mostly black and grey.


From a psychological point of view, I would guess that blacks and greys would instill a depressed mood but, again...for me, the ugly, dirty textures that S.H. had on it's walls seriously trumped what F.F. had.


Hell, there were times in S.H. where I felt like I needed a bath! :P That nasty looking toilet, I think I could almost smell!


Sound wise, I think perhaps F.F. would take the cake. That was one seriously creepy soundtrack. Not to knock S.H., not at all but, I never played S.H. on the 'Box. Never heard in in 5.1. In 5.1, the F.F. soundtrack was genuinely scary.


Last, but definitely not the least...2 words for you:


Pyramid Head.



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Let Scott and I get through Fatal Frame 1 first please!


Count me in! Also just picked up Disaster Report - looking forward to it.


To get back on topic - I have loved all the Silent Hill games (not to mention most survival horror games) - so a Silent Hill 4/Room would be welcome here.

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