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Kelly Jo is still single!!!


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I watched the Bachelor, and I'm proud of it!


Um, nah, I'm not really so proud,... My GF watched it, and of course I ended up getting stuck watching it now and then. Although I really didn't care for the show, I did find one thing about it compelling. Kelly Jo! Notice my new Avatar. :green: And if any of you watched the show you probably thought, as I did, that she was going to get picked by Bob! But he went with some other lame chick. I think he's gonna have to change his name from Bob to Knob. The guy must be dumb AND blind. Kelly Jo is HOT, and her personality rocks! Well, if my relationship goes sour with my GF in the next six months or so you'll probably see me on next seasons Bachelor. I'd better start working on my abs just in case. ;) Anyway, I'd bet the bank that she's the next Bachelorette. So if ajny of you LCVG'ers are single you might wanna get your Bachlorette applications filled out soon! Mmmm, I wonder if Kelly Jo has ever wasted an entire weekend playing Halo? Hehe!

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