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Need a digital camera buyer's guide....


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I've decided it's time to get a digital camera. Nothing too fancy. I'm willing to spend about $500, including accessories.


Please kindly point me to an online buyer's guide with all the info I will need to make an informed purchase, and feel free to make any recommendations.


Will be mostly used for taking family pictures and such.



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I use cnet for my digital camera info. I have an olympus and have no complaints.


You might also want to check a site like http://www.epinions.com out before you make your final decision. Couple of things to keep in mind, the fancy crap that the camera can do is all pretty useless, you can transfer the images over to your pc for any serious touch ups. Things like digital zoom, or quick touch up are pretty pointless, but are in almost all the cameras. I'd recommend getting a camera w/ a lens cap, nothing like scratching that $400 toy you just bought. :evil: And make sure you take batteries into consideration, those little screens burn thru batteries in a heart beat, you might want to consider getting something rechargeable, or purchase rechargables to go along with your camera.

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I'm very happy with my Sony DSC-P8 if we're playing the nomination game. I did find a site with some googling that had a bunch of reviews, including raw images from the cameras to show quality, but I've lost it; sorry.


My main thing for going with the Sony, though, is that I wanted something that uses Memory Sticks; makes transferring stuff to the Cli? much easier.

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