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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Romier S

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Recently bought the PC version of Biowares fantastic Roleplaying game. Its a god send I tell you. I really loved the Xbox game and the PC version was a must buy for me for the high resolution and the hope that the framerate was a bit smoother than the Xbox game. I'm happy to say the game looks absolutely stunning in high resolution. AA and AF are of course necessary:). I have the game running with 4XAA and 4XAF and it runs very nicely. Still some small sluggishness here and there but on the whole noticeably smoother than the Xbox version (at least on Taris and the opening training level) and far more visually appealing.


The PC and Xbox games were developed simultaneously and thankfully Bioware did not use the same interface for the PC game. You can see in the screenshots below it differs quite a bit from the Xbox version and it just feels great. Very intuitive and a perfect fit for the mouse and KB. (I actually like it a bit more than the Xbox version.)


Here are some screens to sample (all screens are at 1280X960 with 2 at 1600X1200. So make sure to completely upsize the pics for full effect. The 1600X1200 screenies were taken with 6XAA and 16XAF. Those settings=FPS of about 10-14 :lmfao: ):
















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Damn, those screenies are nice. Knights is easily the best RPG I ever played (haven't played many) and a Top 10 game of all time for me. Hopefully Knights does well on the PC. I believe it has done very well on the X-box. Me wants a sequel. Oh, and hopefully Bioware will put the Jedi Knight fighting engine in the sequel. ;)



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Remember, this is an Xbox title as well.


Truly. If strapped for money the Xbox version can be found in the 30 buck range lately (if not cheaper if you do some digging). Its a phenominal game on the Xbox and worth picking without a doubt on either platform. However the improvement in the UI and the more stable framerate (at least on my comp. Make sure you have a beefy system. Recommended specs call for at least a 1.8gig) make for a even better version of the game on the PC IMHO.

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The PC version, as expected, certainly looks stunning. I am glad that I sided with the game on the XBox however, since a) my PC wouldn't handle the game all that well, and I generally dislike gaming on my PC. As someone who's not had vast experience with RPGs I found KOTOR incredibly engrossing having only had the pleasure of owning it this past week. I'm still not 100% on the combat controls on the console version of course, but I've done well enough to have done a near six-hour run on the game last night until around 3am, getting myself into being trained as Jedi. :) Whatever the platform, the game is one of the best of 2003.



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I would much rather play it on the PC due to the increased graphics and my familiarity with PC gaming in general


That's what I said about Halo, and I'm dumping my PC version. My rig should have been more than capable of playing that game with all the nice bells & whistles, but it didn't. Internet multiplayer wasn't even making it a keeper for me.


But I digress. Whatever platform you get KOTOR on, it's an awesome experience.

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