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I was down 28-7 at half in my one and only playoff game. I was able to battle back to make it 35-30. I got the ball back with about 50 seconds and no timeouts but was not able to do anything. What a disappointing end. By the time the 'Boys were bounced, they were down just Tashard Choice as both Barber and Jones were lost to injury.

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Bruce, Thursday night at 9:30 EST?


Also, how do we handle the draft? I have a named roster with actual college player names from NCAA 11 if we want to use it...


Brandon can we make it closer to 9:00. This old man goes to bed early!

Good luck!

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I'm sorry, a little late on things.


First, congratulations to the Dolphins for there impressive SB victory. Four seasons, four different winners, there is some parity for you.


Second, I am dropping out for this season. i haven't been able to run this the way I would like and I have other things to take care of. I did transfer the commissionership(is that even a word?) to Dean so you guys can keep it going. After the holidays, I would maybe like to get back into it.


In the meantime, I did advance it so the draft is up next. It does not take long for anyone that would like to participate, otherwise the CPU drafts for you. Unfortunately Brandon, it does not allow you to use imported draft classes.


Good luck guys.

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Hate to do it, but I need to take a leave of absence, as well. I'm going to be out of town for a good portion of the next couple of weeks and have some work related stuff that's going to keep me busy for a while. It was great playing with you all!

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