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Blu-Ray General Discussion Part 3

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This is interesting. Paramount are launching a new wave of releases under a "Paramount Presents" banner which will see several remasters and first time on Blu-ray debuts of certain films. Several releases will also be paired with theatrical re-issues.




Paramount Pictures announced today that it will introduce a new "Paramount Presents" label to recognize and celebrate films from the studio's vast and storied library. The "Paramount Presents" banner will be used for a new line of collectible Blu-ray releases incorporating a curated selection of enduringly popular movies, as well as films that had a cultural impact upon their release. The label will also be used to bring classic films to select theaters for limited theatrical runs so audiences can experience them again on the big screen.


Paramount's library represents over a century of filmmaking and includes some of the greatest films in cinematic history," said Bob Buchi, president, worldwide home media distribution, Paramount Pictures. "We look forward to opening the vault and sharing some of our most treasured films with fans under the new 'Paramount Presents' banner, both in theaters and in our new Blu-ray collection, which has been crafted to offer something special to casual fans, dedicated film enthusiasts, and collectors." Designed for fans and film lovers, the new line of "Paramount Presents" Blu-ray Discs will include a diverse and eclectic array of films spanning all genres. The new collection will return each title to the spotlight with meticulously remastered releases that include brand new bonus content focused on the filmmakers. Presented in collectible packaging that includes a foldout image of the original movie poster and interior artwork featuring key movie moments, each Blu-ray in the Paramount Presents line features new interviews with filmmakers and/or celebrated film historian Leonard Maltin.

"Movies have the power to hold a mirror up to the world. Sometimes they make us think about big issues and sometimes they simply reflect the times in which they were made," said Maltin. "The 'Paramount Presents' banner encompasses a wide array of films that are worth revisiting because they captured something unique that resonated with audiences. Whether you're watching them for the first time or the hundredth, you will see why these films have stood the test of time."


The first three films in the "Paramount Presents" Blu-ray line will be the unforgettable phenomenon Fatal Attraction, which has been remastered under the supervision of director Adrian Lyne; 1958's acclaimed Elvis Presley drama King Creole; and director Alfred Hitchcock's intoxicating romantic thriller To Catch A Thief, which celebrates its 65th anniversary this year. All three titles will be available beginning April 21, 2020. Fatal Attraction will also have a limited theatrical release in 2020 (details to be announced at a later date). Additional titles scheduled to be released as part of the "Paramount Presents" Blu-ray line include newly remastered editions of Flashdance, Airplane!, and Ghost, as well as several titles arriving on Blu-ray for the first time ever, including Pretty In Pink and The Golden Child.







I REALLY hope a remaster of The Untouchables makes it into a future wave of releases. It remains one of the nastiest looking old Blu-rays in my collection.


Fair chance many, if not all, of the titles mentioned will go 4k/HDR on iTunes (Fatal Attraction already received a recent upgrade). I wonder if Roman Holiday will be part of a future wave as well as that's on iTunes in HD with special features, but to date has never had a Blu-ray release. I'd expect Chinatown could get a new disc from the new restoration used for the 4k/HDR iTunes release, though I'd far sooner have a UHD disc of that one. I think they will finally do a Blu-ray of the 1953 War of the Worlds with this series too (which is 4k/HDR on iTunes). 


Trading Places and Coming to America are known to have new 4k restorations in circulation theatrically already and it would be good to see those Blu-rays updates a some stage (perhaps tied into the release of the Coming to America sequel). I wonder if Face/Off is too commercial for this branding? Badly needs a new disc (ideally a UHD).


I'd also REALLY love a Wonder Boys disc which, 20yrs from its release, has never had a Blu-ray. Likewise the original version of Sleuth. Do Paramount have the rights in the US? They did the old UK DVD release.



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The Paramount Presents release of Flashdance has been announced for May 19th (remastered from new 4k scan supervised by Adrian Lyne).




I keep thinking of other Paramount discs I'd love to see. Beavis and Butthead Do America and A Simple Plan are still without Blu-ray debuts. A remastered Truman Show would also be most welcome. 


They have announced a 40th Anniversary disc of Urban Cowboy for June  too, however that's not part of the Paramount Presents collection which is interesting, so clearly they're still planning to roll out catalogue releases, and indeed catalogue debuts, outside of that new line.

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Pretty in Pink, another debut in the Paramount Presents lineup, will be released on 16th June.


I’m impressed by the speed at which they are rolling these out. 

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These are the Paramount Presents titles so far.





Airplane and Ghost are still awaiting formal announcements, but my guess is they will probably fill slots in July/August assuming there are no covid-19 manufacturing/mastering disruptions. I don't think "collect them all" implies that they're just stopping at eight, since the press announcement mention titles like Golden Child that's not pictured here.


Days of Thunder is the only one also getting a UHD disc, albeit not under the 'Paramount Presents' branding. Fatal Attraction is 4k/DV on iTunes already, so with King Creole and To Catch a Thief hitting Blu-ray next week it will be interesting to see if the iTunes entries get upgraded to 4k since all of these new blu-rays are said to originate from new 4k restorations.

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Just a warning that there is an obvious stock depletion of 20th Century Fox catalogue titles happening in all regions lately, both those released by Fox themselves in the past, and some licensed to boutique labels. The British Film Institute have apparently confirmed on social media that Disney have not agreed to extend licensing agreements with them and consequently a number of BFI discs of Fox titles will soon be going out of print.


It remains to be seen whether titles previously released by Fox themselves are simply vanishing from stock while Disney shift packaging and manufacturing over to their preferred bases of operations, or whether hundreds of titles are likely to go out of print. I fear the latter unfortunately and i'm kicking myself not importing some US titles late last year when I started to suspect this might be where things were heading.


I think Kino had also revealed some time back that Disney are also refusing to enter into licensing discussions with boutique labels over Fox titles until 2021. Again, I can only hope this is due to them needing time to absorb the library and operations in full before they decide how to handle things in future, but it's difficult not to be worried.

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Scream Factory are releasing a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray of Event Horizon in September




Wonder if there’s a chance of Arrow or another label doing it in the UK (I don’t think Arrow have done anything with Paramount before though).


I wouldn’t expect a director’s cut as I believe the footage is still lost, but a new master would be welcome nevertheless.

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