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Interesting Live voice problem


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A friend (B1G D) got his Xbox all hooked up last night and we (myself and Kain Rising) were playing PGR2 fine. Then we switched to some Terrorist Hunt RS3 and Midnight Rogue joined us. The weird thing was MR and BD couldn't hear each other. Kain and I could hear everyone fine. First we switched out hosts and had them reboot their boxes - still silent between them. Then we had B1G D host and MR couldn't join the session.


MR rebooted his cable router and BD hooked his xbox up behind his firewall and one of those worked (should have only done one at a time to see what exactly did it). I wouldn't think it would be a firewall issue because we were able to talk to him fine...


Has anyone run into this before?

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I think you are right on both points the peer to peer voice and it will kick down voice before game data.


As far as connection they were both listed as 3 stars in the connection column though. One dipped to two for a few minutes but I know I've played and talked to people with a 1 before.

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