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new member, just wanted to say hi


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hi guys,

First of all, I apologize for posting a 'new member' post in the Xbox forums, but I wanted to alert my fellow Xbox players to my arrival, as opposed to just getting lost in the general forums.


I learned about your site after meeting (Buck) at a friends house last weekend. Its a small world, as I found out we went to the same High School and share the same interests in gaming, cars etc.


Anyway, I look forward to conversing with all of you in the forums and gaming with you on LIVE.


I just got some practice in PGR2, so I'm ready to play with the big boys, and I consider myself a good shot in RS3...lemme know if you need a teammate or a competitor for racing! My buddies and I are always up for a HALO LAN party as well!


and in case anyone cares:


I'm a HUGE race fan (especially F1)

I'm a huge movie buff (anime also)

I've been into modifying cars for years now (Audi, Lexus and VW namely)

and of course I can't get enough of gaming


oh, and if you need any advice on Car stereo's, small business development, graphic design, photography or car detailing... I can probably help you there also.


take care

Chris (powerslide376)

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