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PS2 Online gamer list


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I do the live gamertag list and i was wondering if anyone wants me to start up a PS2 online game list. I know the names are a bit different in each game but we can always ake a list of just what games each member here has. I know a bunch of people have Socom/Socom II. Just let me know what you guys think



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I think that it is a good idea - but judging from the lack of activity here - I think that the online population of LCVG is squarely in the realm of the big ole' XBox.


The only PS2 game I can think of other than SOCOM II that has some type of online play that people are interested in was LOTR:ROTK. (current releases)


Maybe this will change with FF XI...

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I would like this as well. While Live is admittedly a better online service, I would certainly like the opportunity to play my PS2 online games with people I know. I have:


Twisted Metal Black:Online



Since we can also use the Xbox dashboard to converse, I think we have a workaround for one of the criticisms of PS2's service.

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Originally posted by Sam P@Nov 29 2003, 05:47 PM

But I thought that it supported voice communication. Isn't that what the headset is for? Why the need for the 'Box?

In SOCOM you have to press a button (with an accompanying annoying sound) and you only have ~10 seconds to talk. Live Chat makes for less realistic/more fun conversation.

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