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What gaming system would you like for Christmas?


What gaming system would you like for Christmas?  

  1. 1. What gaming system would you like for Christmas?

    • Playstation 2
    • GameCube
    • XBox
    • PC
    • Phantom
    • PS One
    • Handheld (Gameboy,N-Gage,Zodiac,etc.)
    • Boneyard Gaming (Atari VCS,Sega Dreamcast,etc.)
    • Look - gimme Pong & I'll be happy!
    • A deck of cards

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I could have gone for PC, but that is never going to happen - it would cost several hundred quid to upgrade my PC in a worthwhile way, and its just not worth it when it does most things I want it to just fine. I could do with a bigger heatsink and fan I suppose though, as I'm still getting the odd heat problem.


I went for Boneyard gaming, despite the fact that I have most of the systems I'd want there as well. But, should some bright spark decide to get me a SNES or even 3DO then I'd be most appreciative, and it wouldn't blow their bank too much.

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I am actually amazed at how few of ya'll own Cubes. :shock:


You are really missing out on some great gaming. Granted.... offline gaming, but still.. some of my favorite games are on the little cube. For Christmas I want a Cube screen so I can take mine to work with me.


Gaming goodness all night long. :green:

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