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Need XSN Links Tourny help...


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OK..I've joined the LCVG Asshat tourny. Now that I've done this, I'm curious how this all works in the grand scheme of things:


1) Do I just play the scheduled courses by myself and my score works against the rest of you?

2) Do I play online in a foursome (which makes the most sense..Live, duh!) and we compete against each other?

3) If #2 is the way it's done, how do I schedule my games with everyone else? Is there a sign up sheet for a given day or time?

4) None of the above...


Now, the Tourny is scheduled to start in 2 days. I haven't yet picked up Links, but will do so before it starts. Is this OK to be a total nOOb here? Are you guys going to mind playing against me since I will suck total ass right from the start? Am I better off to bow out of the Tourny and start in the next one once I've built my stats up a bit?


Blah, blah...answer if you can.




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You can play by yourself, or play with other (if they're in the tournament as well). If you'd like to play with other people, I would post in the Official Tourney Thread and let people know what time you want to play, and then when you've inputted the Tourney Name, Password & Setting (in-game - You'll see what I mean) you can send invites to people.


If you need any help with this stuff, feel free to PM me, or just post in the threads. Many of us would be more than happy to help you out.


And make sure you have an Intermediate character set up, since this tourney is Intermediate characters only. You may want to start a Beginner character to get used to Links 2004, and then create an Intermediate one for the tourney.


Oh, and stay in the tourney. :) No better way to learn than by experience. There are a lot of us that don't have super beefed up characters. Me for example. Don't feel threatened, just have fund. :D

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