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Xbox, here I come!


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I've finally done it. After several weeks of fund-raising (selling old games and consoles) I have enough to purchase the Costco Xbox bundle (system, DVD remote, extra controller and two games $212), a Live starter kit and one game. If I can sell the Dreamcast I'll have enough for a couple more games.


I'm not going to ask what the essentials are since we have a thread about that already, but I will query you all on what the Live Flavor of the Month is so that I can jump in an join you.


I'm not a sports person so I'm afraid that Links sounds terribly dull. I've seen a lot of talk about Counterstrike and would be happy with that. Are you still playing Crimson Skies? This is one title that I am very anxious to try.


The ironic part of the whole thing is that my major source of funds came not from selling consoles, it came from two games. Between Final Fantasy Anthology and Final Fantasy Chronicles I was able to raise $102.00.


If all goes well I may even keep the Dreamcast. That wouldn't break my heart at all.


See you all on Live in (hopefully) a few short days.

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There is a small core group of LCVG CS players. I went into it never having played Half Life or CounterStrike on PC and find it to be fast-paced and fun.


Rainbow Six 3 is played by 10x more LCVG members and is also fantastic. I think I would recommend that over CS if you are looking at getting one game right now. You will be able to find more games with LCVG'ers and play with more per match (16 vs 10 max in CS).

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welcome to the club.


I was actually never interested in LIVE until my friend got it, played some Ghost Recon and forced me to get it.


I initially got hooked on Tetris of all things online! Yes, tetris. I was then into Ghost Recon: Island Thunder (better then the original IMO), but then the holy grail was released. Rainbow Six 3. WOW, thats all i can say, it is SOOOO MUCH fun online. I've logged about 30 hours into it online alone, of which 95% of that has been in Co-op Terrorist Hunt and I still cannot get enought. Get with the right group of players and the experience is great. When the team works together, helps each other and communicates to each other, there is no better sense of gratification (unless you are looking at porn on the internet with one hand).


I also cannot say enough good things about Project gotham Racing 2 and Top Spin.


Top Spin has been the game of choice online and off with a group of friends at the house, and PGR2 has been lighting it up with the fun online lately.


With those 3 games prepare to loose all sense of a life:-)



Chris (powerslide376)

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Congrats Shawn!


It's too bad you had to sell some of your games, though. I made that mistake with my SNES and N64, and REALLY regret it (I doubt I'll ever get Mischief Makers back...). So now I refuse to part with anything unless it's horrid.


Since you're not into sports (like me), I'll put my 2 cents in for Rainbow Six 3, Project Gotham Racing 2, or Crimson Skies. I don't think you could really go wrong with any one of those titles. You just have to decide if you want a FPS tactical, a racing game or a flying game... ;)

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Shawn, welcome to the GREEN side!


Off the top of my head, I'd recommend Rainbow Six 3 as the "Flavor of the Month".


On any given night there are always a bunch of us online playing RS3. Whether it's co-op, or teams, we have a great time. I usually host a 16 player game every other night or so, and we have a blast. Lots of shit talking and lots of explosions.


In terms of Counter-Strike, I run a game of CS every other night or so as well. We don't get half as many players as RS3, but it's a fast, fun, team oriented game, a bit more frantic and faster paced than RS3. A really great game, even though it gets overshadowed by RS3. It's different enough that it makes a good addition to a FPS fans collection.


Crimson Skies is a fantastic single player game, and a very decent Xbox Live game. It's main issue is that it only has five multiplayer maps. Although the game is fun as hell on XBL, I find myself getting tired of it after about 45 minutes to an hour, considering there are only 5 maps to rotate through.


PGR2 is a must have title. It has an awesome array of cars, and it easy to pick up and play. Lots of options, and excellent XBL support make it a fantastic game. Only downside to me is that it supports only 8 players on XBL, but that's not too big an issue. I don't like driving game usually, but I love PGR2.

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You can't go wrong with RS3 and if racing even somewhat intrests you PGR2 is a must have.


Crimson Skies is a good game and I've had fun with it online - but fewer and fewer people are playing it online because of the lack of maps. You may want to give it a rent first just to be sure.



On another note it looks like a lot of places will be having very good deals on Halo for less than $20 this Friday if you are inclined to brave the crowds.

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Originally posted by blackcalx@Nov 24 2003, 06:26 PM

If I can sell the Dreamcast I'll have enough for a couple more games.

Don't do it!!! You'll never forgive yourself.


We won't forgive you either. ;)


Seriously, though, the pittance you can get on DC trade-ins these days would, maybe, get you one brand new game. Its just not worth it for that.


If you're buying XBox stuff, though, Live or no Live you want KOTOR and PGR2 - I know I do.

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Well, I have it. The Wal-Mart bundle I purchased came not only with Tetris Worlds and Clone Wars but a full copy of Grabbed by the Ghoulies. My Live kit is in the mail to me and I should have it by tomorrow or Saturday. I still need to wire the office so that I can plug the console into my router but that should be done tomorrow.


I also purchased Rainbow Six 3 and have put roughly fifteen minutes into it. It's a little different from what I'm used to (thumb sticks vs keyboard and mouse for the most part) but I can see how it would be a grand time via Live.


I should be able to join you all very soon. I'll make a great pincushion for all of your ammunition for awhile, I'm afraid, but I'll have fun anyway.

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If you enjoy a slower paced, one shot-one kill type of game, give Ghost Recon Island Thunder at least a rent, if not a buy (I've seen it as low as $29.99 and probably cheaper than that on the used shelves).


Gotham 2 is a must-buy as far as I am concerned. I agree with others who have said that it is Xbox Live's killer app.

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My kit came today. Bummer that it's the 2.0 version with Tetris Worlds, which I already have.


In any case my gamertag is...wait for it...blackcalx.


I hope to join you all soon in some gaming. I'll be on tonight, playing Tetris perhaps.


Thanks everybody for their suggestions and help.

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