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Reaching higher scores in Amped 2


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Pieter asked this in the live thread on the Live board thread on A2/XSN but I think it needs its own home out here.


What is your secret to high Amped 2 scores?


From what I understand the billion pointers are probably just grinding the high wires the whole length of the courses that have them, but does anyone actually use butters to link tricks effectively. I've played a lot of the single player game to get my stats up but it still slows me down to a crawl whenever I try to butter. I've only been able to effectively use it between grinding rails that are close and even then it kills your momentum.

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The only time I butter is when I go into one by accident :)


I suppose the point of them is to link different jumps together to make a combo? I haven't quite figured how it works in a practical test.


I suspect the multi-million runs are indeed done by grinding the ski lift rails and doing lots of tricks on them to get a huge combo multiplier.

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Chris (Zathras):


After you left our game last night, I stuck around for a while (actually more like 2 hours) and started experimenting with the comboing by "butter" thing. At one point on the Milly run I was able to string together a few things, both jumps and rails, for around 169,000 point combo. A lot of it was a whole bunch of luck, but if you hold the butter long enough, it is definitely worth it.


Also, when you are on a long rail, it is a good idea to do a lot of jumping in to a 360 and then landing back on the rail. Do this several times and you will find yourself with a pretty hefty combo multiplier.


Of course, you could always just do the above on the chair wire and save yourself the trouble of actually playing "fairly." ;)

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I played a bit more last night and was really working on the style grinds (Thanks for mentioning that DataTox). I was getting some bigger combos and really close to stringing things together. I think that along with a couple more stat points will take me at least to the next score plateau.

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So I'm beggining to think some of you think the ski lift grind is cheap? :? It's not like it is a glitch or an exploit. I generally use the grind to start off my runs at the top of the mountain, then concentrate on slow rotation flips and spins off the jumps and using "manuals" to link some grinds together.


I'll have to look into the butter tricks (is this just using a manual to link and combo tricks?), as well as rail transfers, which I happen to be horrible at.

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Mike, I'd say it's about 62% exploitive, 39% cheap, and therefore 101% bullshit. Does this new information mean I'm going to hit the slopes and start looking for ski-lifts? Naw. Where's the fun in that? I'd rather be known as part of the 14th ranked LCVG Pack than as a part of a bunch of cheap exploitive bastards.


On the other hand, if I could find a cheat/exploit/glitch that allowed me to grind rails for Kudos in PGR2... you might see my darker side.



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Merlot I believe the point people are making is that a complete one-trick ski lift grind from start of the mountain to finish is a bit cheap. Not just ocassionally grinding them. I'll grind the wires for a bit myself (when I can reach them).


If you look at the pack rankings you will see several teams that have billions of points - that is all that they are doing.


1 CAN'T MISS 5.547 B


3 BOARDERS 2.018 B

4 CAN MISS 1.316 B


6 1ST AIRBORNE 65,822,909

7 360 MAYHEM 44,564,490

8 POWDER HOUNDS 37,568,271

9 VGB ALL STARS 31,772,999

10 NEW BLOOD UK 29,936,327

... note the billion point difference between 5 and 6 :)



I honestly don't see it as an exploit myself - The designers put them there and made them grindable (ginding them is required in the single player game even). I wouldn't do it myself (well apart from maybe trying it to see if I could do it/how its done etc), because it just doesn't appeal to me. I like 'boarding on the mountain itself :)


On a unrelated note - DataTox - you apparently rocked Millicent like never before...

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Well I'm certainly not on the lines for much more than 10 seconds. However, doesn't anyone see the skill in being able to actually stay on the lines that long? Granted, it's probably much easier with your balance attributes maxed out...


If it is that easy, then I agree it's cheap, but I don't think it's an exploit.

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