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Steel Battalion fans.

Romier S

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No, I'm not in the beta folks but while perusing another forum I found a person who has and who kindly posted some screenshots of the packaging and a feature many gamers will be happy to see. Here you are:







It appears LOC will be in 720p folks. Im sure the HT crowd is jumping up and down as they read this :D .

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Excellent news Romier! Thanks for the post. I think I'm out of the loop on this one but, any reference to using the original controller? Is that what the green X on the back of the packaging references? I thought I read they were going to sell a smaller controller for use with the game?

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That's too bad the new controller was scrapped. I think the main difference was only a jack for the headset, and a slightly smaller design.


Does this mean NO new controller will be available, or just a new run of the original controller?


I'm hoping they do a new run of the old controller, offered either seperately or bundled with the new game. I wonder how many people we're going to see on LIVE with this.


As a side thought, it would be great if they packaged the controller with BOTH SB games as an incentive for people who never bought the first, and to get more people online.

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I would love to play the game, but there is no way I could justify dropping $200 on one game


Well, you could always go to Toys R Us in Japan, and pick one up for 9,900 Yen ($90).





They're blowing out all of their XBOX stock. It's sad. 700 Yen translates to about $6.40 U.S. They can't even give the games away.




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You'd think there would be a few more savy Japanese gamers out there than that??? Talk about stubborn.


Seriously, I can't imagine many of them have even taken the time to check out the Xbox. Although they may perfer the PS2 or Gamecube, any serious gamer would be able to appreciate much of what the Xbox has and what it can do. Heck, we Americans embraced the N64 despite it's flaws. I'm just disappointed. I have alot of respect for Japanese gamers, but this oversight on thier part is perplexing. Is the software they have available really that bad?

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The problem is where the X-Box is from and the software on it. There was an awesome little news article on GameSpot just this Sunday I wish I'd saved that was talking about gaming in Japan as per a survey done at the Tokyo Game Show. The Japanese are insanely regional about their games, in general, and it seems like anything that isn't from Japan doesn't have a hope in hell of selling that well.


The Japanese also hate FPS titles and while that's not the be-all end-all of the 'Box, I do see a lot more such titles being released for it than the other systems.


any serious gamer would be able to appreciate much of what the Xbox has and what it can do.


No, any serious gamer from outside Japan would. There's a regional thing here and I think it's because we're on the outside looking in (at least I am, I don't presume to speak for the insight of the rest of the forum ;)) that we aren't totally understanding the Japanese gamer mindset. It's easy for us to think they should like it, but without properly being in the culture it's hard to understand why they don't.


My two bits. To renege the threadjacking that has transpired, Steel Battalion looks like expensive good fun ;). I'd definitely be interested to see how many people actually use this on Live though, given the small quantities. But that being said, anybody who's shelled out that much for a controller is probably going to have Live anyway :P. I wonder if the high price point will also keep away some of the more nuisance-making asshats who haunt public games, since they're less likely to have bought the game anyway.

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Didn't they even make an Ultima anime series or something? Or did I dream that again?


Ultima was huge in Japan in the 80s, tons of merchandising tie-ins and such.


Last I heard an only a pilot for the anime was made (back in the 80s).


Japanese RPGs basically took the Ultima navigation system and combined it with the Wizardry combat system.

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the memory cards for a 8 year old system are 2x and then some more then an Xbox game.


Actually according to the GameSpot article, the X-Box is currently being outsold in Japan by the PSOne, DC, and the N64 of all things. That is nasty, nasty, nasty. It's a real shame too, I've never seen any country so down on a game system before. It'll make it not so easy to get anything exclusive from Japan for an MS console I wager.


Let's start a rumor about MicroSoft buying Square-Enix next ;).

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Remember, ESPN NFL was 720P in it's beta forms as well. Just don't get your hopes too high.


My hopes aren't since my buying the game truly doesn't depend on that particular feature. If its there great! If not, then it doesn't bother me to the point of not buying a good game. I figured those that find that sort of thing very important would be interested to see that.

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I have the original Steel Battalion.


If it weren't for the controller, really the game would be only an average mech game. Story was weak and the graphics had a somewhat short draw distance. Everything is washed out with this grainy look to it but, I believe the developers were trying to imitate veiwing the world through the mech cameras. Makes sense since there is no cockpit windows on this mechs, only cameras. Works for me but, some people will be turned off.


Sound is awesome!!!! Very convincing. Every sound is reproduced as if you were hearing it from the pilots seat. Powering up the "mech" is great just to hear the believable sound effects when doing so.


BUT...it does have the controller. It's really amazing how just that controller alone can really up the ante for the realism of the game. Mastering the controls on this game is paramount to any sort of success.

There's zero button mashing. Every single switch, dial and button is used during the game.


It still sells for $300+ on Ebay.


Anyone that can afford it should pick it up since it -seems- that this game/controller is destined to be a collectors item. It's definitely holding it's resale value at this point!

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