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Most Xbox Live Fun I've had in a while

Chris The Rock

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I had the pleasure last night of helping my younger brother get his wireless access point router and wireless bridge set up, along with getting connected to Xbox Live.


What good fun. He's 10 yrs younger than me, and I haven't seen a lot of him in the past 9 years since I've moved to Florida.


It was a blast playing with him, we even had fun changing the Voice Masking options around in ESPN NBA Basketball (it's hard to keep your composure when your opponent is using the "child" voice), and after that we played Rainbow Six 3 and got our arses handed to us several times in a row. Fun, fun stuff.


My dad actually took the headset and "narrated" part of our NBA game - and I had the chance to talk with him, without using any cell minutes or racking up any phone bills. Very cool.


On Thursday, we're going to mimic one of the Thanksgiving Day NFL games using ESPN NFL Football. My brother's a Madden player, so I might have the edge, since I'm used to the controls.


For anyone with siblings interested in Xbox gaming, I highly recommend you help them get Xbox Live going. I'm going to see what I can do about getting my other brother going.

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Man I'd love to play with my older brother on Live but he is the world's biggest tightwad!! In order for me to do some online gaming with him he would have to:


1. Buy an X-Box (Which his wife would probably never let him do)

2. Get cable or DSL internet (He's too cheap to get it)

3. Get a wireless router and wireless adapter (See number 2)

4. Stay up after 10 p.m. (He's kind of wierd about always getting 10 hours sleep)


So you can guess when I'll ever play my brother on XBL. Never. I guess I should work on my kid brother.....Nah, he's 13 and he'd probably kick my ass in everything.




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I agree. My brother and I play together all the time (although it's slowed recently...I need to grab PGR2). We recently convinced our dad to join the fun. However, I cannot get him off of GR:IT to play some of the other games. My dad gets pissed b/c we call him "dad" while we are playing, he wants us to use his "LIVE" name. It's funny.


We live in a small town and all three of us live within 5-10 miles of each other, but I think we talk more now than ever. We call each other up just to discuss the current games, what we are purchasing, and other game stuff.

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