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Monday night gaming 6/30?


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Oh I don't know; I rather enjoyed my little offline attempt at it last night (still no news from BT about my ASDL line). Just like the first two, only more so, which (apart from the ludicrous accents being past just stupid and into physically painful now) is generally a good thing.

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I've actually been pleasantly surprised with how engaging the offline modes were, after hearing how the game was barely mediocre offline and superb online. Since I am enjoying the single player game, I can't wait to see what online is like.


Whooter, oddly enough I don't think I have you on my friends list yet! I'll rectify that tonight.

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Well that was a lot of fun, thanks guys! And my apologies to those of you that were unfortunate enough to be anywhere near the out-of-control speed freak that was PoisonJam in a Lotus last night. After playing the offline game in mostly the Mini or the Super Beetle, it was quite a challenge adjusting to the additional horsepower. :)

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I'll be up for anything tonight.


Sorry about disappearing at the end of the Garbage Truck race last night. Fuckin' cable modem service went out AGAIN (3rd time in two days). I'm going down to Comcast and beating the living fuck out of someone... :evil:

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